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Best earbuds for upcoming LG V20 recommendations?

So currently I own the Note 7 and well... we all know how that turned out. So I've been looking for an alternative phone and I've gotta say the quad dac on the LG V20 is very convincing. I'm looking for earbuds that will last a good amount of time and will allow me to take full advantage of the quad dac on the V20. However, as much as I love great quality sound, I am not very good with the specs and details of what to buy. So I'm asking you guys to point me in the direction of the best audiophile grade earbuds under $150. I'd like to see great durability or optionally a detachable cord as most of the earbuds I have used in the past broke within a months of use. Id also like to see a clean design that fits well in the ear. And for sound, something with a good mid range and as natural as possible as I wouldn't consider myself any sort of bass head (I mostly listen to alternative rock and occasionally will listen to a little bit of edm). But in all I'd like to see your recommendations for me and you might be helping other people out as well who may be in the same position as I. Thank you for your help and time.

Nov 2, 2016
Two recommendations:
1) AAW Q - tiny tiny earbuds, ram them all the way down your ear canals. Amazing sound quality, especially when driven well. Reviews on Head-Fi if you're interested.
2)Yamaha EPH 100 - not as accurate as the AAW Qs, but something like half the price. Nice, capable earbuds that pleased an earbud cynic (me) You may even have enough money left over to pick up a portable amp (Cayin C5 perhaps....)
Oct 18, 2016
I hear you re the Note 7. I bought one myself and exchanged it twice. I'd have exchanged it for the V20 already if I had an account with AT&T or T-Mobile instead of Verizon.
The most comprehensive reviews of IEMs I've found are by |joker|, a friend from Head-fi who is an audiophile and sound engineer. He has excellent taste and will tell you which of the cheapest IEMs are the best and most durable. Here are his comparative reviews of 352 IEMs (check the chart at the end):
Here's a great thread for finding out about deals on IEMs and getting a little advice at the same time (but don't stray too far off-topic):
Since you mentioned durability, you might check into into these (they even *look* durable):
Detachable cords are a feature you don't normally see at this price point, and that adds to the durability factor, since you can replace the cords yourself.
Here's what joker says about them:
“Build Quality (4/5) - Solid-feeling plastic housings are coupled with Meelec's excellent new cabling terminated with a low-profile L-plug. Two inches of memory wire provide additional strain relief.
“Soundstage and positioning are good for the price. Clarity across the range is also impressive, with decent bass control and crystal-clear sparkle at the top of the range. There is a mid-bass hump but it’s hardly distracting and doesn’t detract much from the overall balance. Treble is also quite pronounced, leading to a somewhat V-shaped signature. Still, they provide a very good all-around sound at the price point and can please both the detail freak and the casual listener.
“Taken as a total package, the Meelec M6 is a steal - Techno/Trance and Electronica listeners need not look any further, but nearly everyone is sure to be impressed with the combination of sound and comfort at the price point. One of my favorites in its class."
If the "V-shaped signature" bothers you and you'd prefer IEMs with glorious mids, there are always other choices.
My SE535s have superb mids, as do Grado GR10s and Westone UM Pro30s, but I doubt you'd want to carry those IEMs around, since they're expensive and you've said that durability is important to you.
Oct 17, 2016
honestly probably anything can run on it as they claim they can run high impedance headphones
Oct 17, 2016
I'm excited about the v20 too! Personally I daily drive a pair of Shure SE215s at work and I love them. I'll probably use them with my v20 once I get it.
Oct 27, 2016
TheAdamizerThere are deals where the phone comes with $150 B&O IEMs. Look around.
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