Nov 3, 2016286 views

Pro Audio

So what to Pro Audio? That was the main group I was interested in... anyone know anything?

Haven't seen any "Pro Audio" drops in the Audiophile community since it's been merged, so odds are it's just dead.
I got merged into the audiophile community, which means you'll never see another piece of actual production gear make it through the polls.
Hey everyone! We want to give you a heads-up: Starting October 14, the Pro Audio Community will merge into the Audiophile Community. A significant portion of the Pro Audio Community is made up of audiophiles, and we believe we can better serve both communities if they are together. So what’s next? We’d love to hear from everybody about their favorite audiophile and pro audio products—especially if you have insights that are not already in the polls. Please use this thread as a way to discuss what you’d like to see next!
It has been merged with the audiophile group. It was announced about 2 or 3 weeks ago.