This will be my first tube. DO you guys need to warm the tube up every time you wanna use it?? Also Do you leave them on or standby?? or you need to always turn them off?


Mar 19, 2021
I have the TA-10 (non-R). I turn my device on at 9am every day for my 9:30 call and watch youtube or listen to music before it within minutes or seconds of turning it on. I swapped my tube out for a Genalex Gold Lion and am powering a set of Grado 325is through the non-balanced port and I can hear no discernible audio quality from when I first turn it on to after its warmed up part-way through the day. I turn it off every day at 5:00. I have done this same routine mostly for the last 2 or so years and my tube is still going without issue. Also, the Shenzhen Mystery Meat tube it's packaged with is actually very high-quality in terms of sound fidelity and I expect it has equivalent durability to the Gold Lion. I swapped it out only because it has high cord microphonics through the non-balanced jack.