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can this connect to pc


Mar 27, 2021
Yes, you can use them all 3 ways on a PC (with win 10 at least, other OSes YMMV).
  1. Bluetooth (assuming your PC has a BT radio) - Uses the Panda's wireless hardware and THX amp/DAC. There is a headset profile (you can use the Panda's built-in mic), but using the headset profile lowers the audio quality significantly. I believe this is a limitation of BT in general.
  2. USB-C (or a USB-A to USB-C cable) - Bypasses the Bluetooth, and uses the panda's THX amp/DAC. Also charges the Panda while in use. I don't believe the Panda's built-in mic functions in this mode.
  3. 3.5mm jack - Bypasses the Bluetooth/THX amp/DAC and runs just like any wired headphone, using the amp/DAC of whatever it's plugged into. No built-in mic use, but you can use the boom mic addon (or a V-Moda boompro or similar)
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