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DAC question

Hey guys, I'm looking for a portable DAC/Amp that I can use in bed with my laptop, on the go with my phone AND in the studio connecting to my focusrite 2i4.. I know it's a lot to ask for but I need something portable.
I was curious if a DAC is balanced, would I be able to pair with the RCA outputs of my focusrite to the 3.5mm balanced input in the DAC? Please lmk, thanks!
An example I was looking at is the FiiO Q1.
I will be using the DAC to power my Beyerdynamic DT990's, the 250 ohm version.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks for reading

May 30, 2018
Chord Hugo 2 without a doubt.
I have a FiiO X7, which is very similar to the FiiO Q5 (except the X7 has a music player and MicroSD slot inside). It’s GREAT for bedside or in-bed listening, and I like that it’s upgradable with amp modules. I also enjoy my Chord Mojo.
RCA is an unbalanced, single ended type of connection. RCA is also analog, not digital, so you wouldn’t need a digital to analog conversion (DAC) stage. Coax is digital, and it looks like a single RCA plug, so you have to be careful. The FiiO Q5 also has a Bluetooth receiver, so you can use it with your phone on the go without buying an OTG cable.
Some DAC/amps (like the FiiO Q5, but not the Mojo) have an analog input that lets you bypass the DAC and use it just as an amp.
I don’t have much studio experience... I just know how things connect. What do you do?
May 14, 2018
I just noticed Aune B1s on massdrop, you think this would be a good investment to make for this purpose? I would love a second opinion, thanks again
roheatI’d love to give you an opinion, but I can’t because I haven’t heard any Aune product! I have been talking to @Jeff-D lately who feels his new Aune X1s was a solid purchase.
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