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Amp for Akg 7xx

I am about to order the akg 7xx and I know that they are pretty hard to drive. I am not going to get a dac just yet, but I know that I am definitely going to need an amp. My question is: what amp would go well with these cans for around $100? "around" is a pretty lose term.
KiokuOfYou, Ltech922, and 2 others

Schiit Magni 3 will drive just about anything. It's the best bet for $100 of the moment that you don't have to build yourself.
Okay sounds good. Thanks so much for the response. Just ordered it!
The Schiit fulla 2 is a dac amp for 100. The schiit Modi is a good amp for 100 also the 02 amp for 100 on massdrop is good as well.
Okay, thanks for response!
Anyone? Please I really need this, I just ordered them I need to know what I should get.