Nov 10, 2016102 views

New Setup Recommendations

Hey everyone! I'm new to both Massdrop and the audiophile world. So far, I'm pumped. I was wondering if anyone were willing to offer some feedback/recommendations for my current setup:

Astell & Kern AK70 –> OPPO HA-2SE –> Sennheiser HD700 or OPPO PM-3

Sony PS-HX500 –> Harman/Kardon Aura

I particularly feel like the latter pairing can be improved – I got the Aura before I got into vinyl. Which speakers would pair best with these for a modestly sized setup of roughly equivalent price range, if detail and neutrality are the most important factors for me? Thanks so much!!

I would probably go with Focal Chrous 705 for about $500-$600/pair. It'll do your vinyl justice. It's easy to pair with most amps and easy to drive which is the signature of Focal speakers
Thanks so much!