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Alright Drop, this is getting old.

I've had 4 packages ship for orders in the past year. Two of which have been outright lost by FedEx. Drop's customer support has then made it seem like they were doing me some kind of favor by replacing the lost items and not just taking my money without me actually receiving anything. Now one of my packages, shipped to the same address as the others (which hasn't changed), has a FedEx delivery exception because the "address or apartment/suite number is wrong." And as always, FedEx won't talk to me about it at all, only Drop. As I've done a number of times now I've fired off a Drop support request into the void and now I'll wait to see what response they'll give me. Hopefully they'll take care of this as they have in the past, but it's aggravating that I end up having to contact their support team with essentially every order I make. Especially given that they refuse to provide a phone number (though I can understand why if other people have as many issues as I've had). At this point I have one last outstanding order with Drop: the awesome looking Sennheiser 8XX headphones. Given the shipping issues I've had I made sure to pay for UPS shipping rather than FedEx. I'm even going so far as to have them shipped to a different address in a different state. So, if there's still issues after going to that extreme, I'm just going to be done with Drop. Everything I've ordered from here has been awesome, whether it's been for audio or mechanical keyboards, but it's just not worth the hassle. TL;DR: I really love this site and what they sell, I really do. But, I have had constant issues with their shipping & customer service. So at this point if I end up also having issues with my Sennheiser 8XXs I'm not going to be ordering from here again.

May 30, 2021
I just received my first order from Massdrop yesterday, I purchased a pair of Dan Clark Audio AEON X open back headphones. They arrived at my home on time but FedEx left them on the sidewalk outside my front door where they sat for 35 minutes before I learned that they had been delivered. Most of these delivery outfits suck. Amazon is the worst; packages left at the wrong house, across town, to the wrong street, in the middle of the yard, left out in the rain. Ugh...
May 29, 2021
I wouldn’t blame massdrop. I would blame FedEx. FedEx in my area just steal everything they think is valuable. My friends and neighbors lost their packages from shoes to PS5s. If you do not track down your packages and go to the last know shipping center request for them, FedEx just got free gifts from you.
May 29, 2021
JimmyLiI don't blame Drop for FedEx "losing" the packages, and with my latest issue they ended up being a big help in making sure I received my order. But, in the past, Drop had made it seem like helping me with the items their courier service lost was some kind of favor. As though they had no obligation to make sure I got the item I paid for. That said, if for some reason they don't ship the 8XX's through UPS like I paid for, and FedEx "loses" them, I likely won't be ordering anything from here again.
Apr 20, 2021
Thats unfortunate. Another thing which disappoints me is the lack of all the EDC and other stuff. Now its just keyboards and dacs mainly. I used to love the innovative products they had. Hope drop is not closing their shop soon.
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