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Affordable Closed Back Headphones

I'm new to audio and was wondering what to get to start. I don't own any amps, dacs, etc. I currently use some gaming headphones that I bought 4 years ago. Anyways I use headphones for casual gaming, listening to music, and watching videos. My budget is around 150 dollars. If you have any suggestions for anything please let me know. Thanks!

Apr 29, 2021
It's not an easy task to find a good closed back for this price that doesn't need an amp, in my opinion. 1a: Check the Sivga sv006 or Blon b8. They surprisingly good closed-back clones, but hard to find them on the market. 1b: Maybe Meze Neo for a little bit more money. 2: My experiences are limited, so don't give up the search.
Apr 23, 2021
if you want wired go for sennheiser hd58x, good all rounder and will work on your phone without amp or dac. if you want wireless the anker soundcore life q30 is really good with loads of features and app. noise cancelling too. better than Sony xm3 for both so I know. the sony dont connect well and are creaky. or get an anker and a sony wh ch700n actually sounds better than the xm3!! but anc better on the soundcore. you can get both for about 150 if you look for the offers on Amazon!! and you have done very well and really does not need an upgrade ever!! because you have the best bang for your buck!! I have over 50 sets in my home right now and have done all the research for you. mpow h12 gets an honourable mention because it's great but basic, but sounds great and anc is great, but again wait for the offer price. I would definitely get the soundcore life q30 first, and if curious about what your missing sound wise get the sony wh ch700n for better sound than xm3. done.
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