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CD Players: Onkyo C-7030 vs Emotiva CD-100

I am putting together a small-room, affordable 2.1 system and would like to add a CD player. Onkyo is $149; Emotiva is $299. Either of these two, or something else between these price points, are within my budget. I'm a newbie here, so would love some advice. Thanks for your help.

NAD and Yamaha each have models in the price range of the Emotiva. Obviously this isn’t a universal point of view but I think they sound pretty much the same so I would pick one that has the features I want most, as well as from the company with the best reputation for reliability. On this last point, Yamaha has the edge but I wouldn’t consider it a wide margin. Length of warranty is also worth considering.
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Thanks, Doc.
I've had my C-7030 for a lot of years now. It's a great CD player, and the price is right. If you read the reviews it seems that a fair share of people have had issues with the machine, but mine has been problem free. I like the fact that is has RCA, optical, and, coaxial output as well.