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Just got SMSL M6 but it is too quiet, Need help.

Today I got the SMSL M6 amp/dac combo after reading lots of good reviews online. I am using the Sennhieser Game One's through RCA and the audio seems a little low on my PC and even lower on my PS4 which I bought it for.
Should I return the SMSL M6 and save up to get the Modi 2 and Magni 3 stack? I plan on getting the AKG K7XX in the future.
I am new to all this and don't know what to do :/

Update: The 6.35 adapter came and everything seems to be working fine. Now I only have to put the M6 on 20 and thats plenty loud enough for me on my PS4. :)
I did also get a remote control with my M6 but can't seem to get it to work, I'm guessing I need to plug it into my PC and use the M6 drivers on the PC, So I don't think I can get the remote to work on my PS4.
Hi there
Something doesn't seem right there the m6 is plenty powerful I suspect. When you say you are using rca do you mean that is going into the game one control thing for the surround? The rca is a fixed line so it should be plenty. I owned the m6 and it's worked great with the ps4 but I was using the headphone out.
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Hi there
What I do is use headphones in the dac and use a 3.5 to 6.35 converter then would put the mic into the playstation via a USB to audio splitter usually has green and pink inputs then set output to dac and input to USB. Hopes that helps.
I will buy a 3.5mm to 6.35mm and see if that helps.
The USB to audio splitter you mention could be useful in the future if I get the AKG K7XX and a mod mic in the future. But for now i'm just playing singleplayer games so no need for one just yet.