Jun 19, 2018

Do I have to pay double for 1 order?

I've ordered the Topping MX3 Power when I saw that product in Massdrop.
However I couldn't find my order number after order process. I thought there was something wrong with my order.
So I tried again to order the same product, and I finally got the order number of MD-63065-2998169, meaning my order was successful.
By the way, today I got a credit card bill from the bank, in which they request me to pay for two products. One is for the order number of MASSDROP 2998169 and the other is for MASSDROP 2995052.
I don't know why this mistake happened. Perhaps there's been something wrong with the order process... I think the number MASSDROP 2995052 seemed to be associated with the first wrong order.
I'd appreciate you could cancel the wrong transaction of MASSDROP 2995052, and also cancel the wrong payment request as well. thank you.

Hi Neo-Steed -- I'm bumping this request to a CS teammate to assist you. They'll be reaching out to you directly to help resolve this and correct any mixup. Normally, the best and fastest way to get assistance would be to submit this type of request here: https://www.massdrop.com/support
I appreciate for your kind advice.