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Does this come with the GROUND cable? If not what can I use?

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Jun 3, 2021
Unfortunately, 2.5mm has no ground. 4-pin XLR has no ground either as a pin, but it does have a ground tab which the majority of cable builders and amp builders don’t use (unlike myself who always uses a ground tab). The only other balanced way for ground to be sure is dual 3-pin XLR and you need to make sure you buy a cable with a telescoping shield. A 5-pin 4.4mm plug is ideally suited for ground (though no type of TRS/RRS/RRRS-type plug is good as it can potentially short out an amp, unless it’s a Beta22 with a protection circuit) as would be a mini 5-pin XLR (which avoids the problem of shorting and would be the best of all choices to use), though again, most cable builders or amp builders (unlike myself) do not take advantage of this feature.
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