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Will having a High Profile Keyboard Eliminate Key Wobble?

Hi everyone im new to the world customization of Mech-Keys and was wondering what are the best solutions to eliminate (or at least reduce) Key wobble on any Keyboard from low profile, to high profile.

Jun 28, 2021
Hi @Sitn_on_a_toilet, I think "Key Wobble" will be present on either profile, low or high. In order to fix or elimitate it, you need to look at the reason why it happens. Key wobble is directly related to the mechanical switch construction. One of the main reasons key wobble occurs is due to the stem of the switch not having a small/tight clearance within its switch housing. You can perform some modifications on switches to help reduce the clearance of the stem within the housing. This is called switch filming, although some may argue that this does not always have the desired effect. But on a pre-constructed keyboard this usually means you need to de-solder the switch, so that you can open it and film it. (Might as well lube it since you have opened it) In my opinion, if you want to have a keyboard that has next to no key wobble, you will need to do a bit of research on mechanical switches and find ones that have almost zero wobble within the fitting of the stem and the switch housing. I dont know what your preference is, on wheter you like: linear, tactile, or clicky switches. So I can't make any recomendations there as there are MANY types of switches out there. Hopefully that helps answer at least part of your question. :) P.S: Welcome to the world of custom mechanical keyboards! It can become a bit of an addiction, once you start going down the rabbit hole of Keycaps, Switches, types of Boards, etc. ;)
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