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Beware of Shipping - Customs Costs

This may only apply to Canadian buyers. I recently purchased a set of Hifiman 4XX Headphones, because they were on sale at $160. Add $15 for Shipping then convert to Cdn was approx. $225 CDN. Was a bit of an impulse buy, but I made the buy anyways. Much to my chagrin however. When I picked up the headphones at my local Post Office, I was charged an additional $35 CDN. for Customs Fees. So $260 CDN total, for the headphones. This really had me regretting my purchase and took the sheen off of something that I had been looking forward to. Afterwards, I checked Drops site and yes, in the FAQ's, there is a mention that Customs Fees "may" be applied. This, of course is not on Drop. However, perhaps Drop might consider using a different Shipping company? DHL was the Carrier on this one. Like many. I have made multiple online purchase over the last number of years, from other vendors (Amazon mainly, of course). Never had to pay Customs Fees. I don't like to make purchases with my fingers crossed, on what my total cost will be. I won't be purchasing from Drop again.
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Jul 7, 2021
Music should improve chagrin. That’s not cool.
Jul 7, 2021
As I've said before...


(Compliments of the British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch, eh!)
Jul 7, 2021
I would assume this has not so much to do with DHL but with import laws in canada but i only really know how it works in germany so you might need to look it up yourself. Here we have to pay at least 19% extra on all non EU imports and if it exceeds a certain threshold there might be even more taxes depending on the art of the importet goods. Though shipping companys take another fee ontop that part is most of the time the smallest part with around 6€/7$US If you figure out how the price is calculated you can also compare if it is competetive or not so maybe you can buy from drop again with this as reasoning.
Dec 28, 2021
JohnAconI'm OK with the duties, but DHL also charges an additional "handling fee" on top of the duty.
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