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The user experience of the Transactions Page IS NOT a pleasant one. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way. PLEASE consider these changes for those of us that ACTUALLY have numerous purchases over the course of several years.
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PS: Maybe add a link to a list of respective @Massdrop teams if user clicks on said title under employee names? IE: 'Outreach' , 'Collaborations' , 'Creative' , etc idk just a random thought

Who thought it was a good idea to add pages WITHOUT an option to view/search all?
Is the assumption at Massdrop that the majority of members will only purchase a couple items?
I have made roughly 220+ purchases since finding Massdrop years ago. Do you think I want to click through 22 pages to find the one item I might be looking for? The old design was functionally adequate. A simple Cmd+F Find... in browser & any item was viewable within seconds. I can understand adding pages might be less intimidating for some, especially those w/ less powerful internet connections. However, it should be easy enough to add a button at the top that provides the option to view all for those that prefer. At the very least, providing a search element might do.
The previous design was functionally better.

Would you want to click through 22 pages to download hundreds of receipts individually?
This is NOT user friendly.
I can't imagine it is a hard thing to write the code to pull all of a user's receipts into a zip file & present it for download via a button on the Transactions Landing Page. A user shouldn't have to be expected to spend this much time to accomplish a task that could be completed in seconds otherwise.

And on that note... Why are we expected to create a support ticket to request download of all our personal information?
If end result of doing so is a download link presented on the Privacy Page in Settings...
Why is that download link not already presented to every user by default.

With that being said, I love being a part of this community; but UX pitfalls such as these make me so frustrated.
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Jul 29, 2018
Seen, heard, and agree with a lot of the points made. Will forward this to engineering.
Jul 29, 2018