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Why do I hear the MQA albums from Tidal so dull and lifeless?

I stream from my iMac to a Chord 2Qute DAC, (non MQA), then into a Schiit 3 headphone amp and finally into my Fostex TH900.
I thought that "M" albums would be so much better so whenever available I replaced my non "M" albums with their Master version. However, most of them sound boring and much more lifeless than their non "M" version. The sound on the M albums to me is like I am playing a CD and then I switch to the regular ones and its like I am playing a vinyl; full of life, better highs,... just much more fun to listen to.
I know that my Chord is not MQA enable but for a while I had a Mytek Liberty which is MQA enable. I tried it for a few weeks and after not being able to notice a better sound on the M albums vs the regular ones.... I ended up returning the Mytek and buying the Chord.
Does anyone have a similar opinion on the MQA albums in Tidal or is it my setup and / or my ears which are unable to take advantage of the supposed better sound quality of the Master albums?

Thanks for your feedback.


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