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Hi Everyone,
After some discussion with a MassDrop rep, they have said that they're happy for us to share our passion of Mechanical Keyboards here, with our Podcast.
The Board Podcast has been running since August 2016, mostly weekly, and we talk about a range of topics from the Mechanical Keyboard community that we (my co-host and I) found interesting, or something that the community should be aware about. Of course it is our opinion that we are expressing, but we're always open to dialogue and discussion.
You can find our podcast episodes at , and you can RSS our episodes. We also publish our episodes via Reddit and Facebook if you don't use an RSS feed.
All of our episodes are available for free, back to the first one, and hopefully will always be freely available, so if you're looking to hear about whats happened in the past, in the community, and you have time audio time to spare, then please do :)
Our latest episode can be found here:
We also run competitions and giveaways from time to time thanks to our sponsors, so if you'd like to get involved, get in on it.
Thanks for reading, and as always, Happy Clacking :D

Don, from The Board.
(pst, we also have a YouTube channel too, you can find us by searching The Board Podcast :P)


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