PC38X - Can't get mic to work

I received a PC38X yesterday and am having trouble with the mic. I'm pretty sure it is not a software setting or PC hardware issue. I get zero input from the mic, however, if I plug the headphone into the input jack and talk loudly into the earpiece I get a signal. I've tried the boom in multiple positions. Is there anything I could possibly be missing or does this sound like an issue with either the mic or the cable? By the way, they sound great and are very comfortable. Thanks!

Aug 25, 2021
You need a splitter cable. You have to plug in the audio and the mic at the same time separately.
Aug 24, 2021
Windows: Try plugging in the mic and see if any popups that ask which device you plugged in. •If it does ask, select microphone in. • If you select Microphone in and it doesn’t work, that is a sign it is a Windows problem or it’s the physical jack in your computer. •If it doesn’t ask this, there is either something wrong with the jack on your computer, the microphone termination on the headset, or the whole microphone is damaged You can control for problems with your computer jacks or windows by trying that on different jacks of your computer and different devices. If you’re still confused by the results of the testing feel free to reply.