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Drop DT 990 (80ohm)

Can my Astro Mixamp Pro TR power the drop dt 990
80ohm version? I cant find any information about how much the amp can actually push as far as ohms.


Well, Ohms is resistance… using it for the purpose of “Good for headphones up to X Ω” is a vague guess at best and possibly wildly inaccurate. My hardest to drive headphone is actually like 54 ohms… but it has a very low sensitivity, so it needs like a 1/4 turn more volume on the dial of my $2400 amp than my 300 Ω HD 650. Knowing the wattage or voltage into a particular ohm load (headphone) would be more accurate, but generally the Mixamps are kinda weak amps with a hiss problem. A DT 990 in the 80 Ω version has a sensitivity of 96 dB SPL (assumed at 1 kHz), and what that means is that the headphones are less sensitive than average and they will sound a bit quiet on a Mixamp TR. A 120 or 150 Ω headphone with a 110 dB SPL sensitivity would actually be easier to drive and sound much louder… but the Mixamp is still outdone by other gaming amps like the Schiit Fulla or Creative G6 or G5, even it’s contemporary Turtle Beach DSS or DSS2 sounds clearer and have slightly stronger amps (the options from Creative Labs and Schiit audio are still better though). If you don’t need a mic input (since the DT 990 doesn’t have a mic), there are a HUGE array of great DAC/amps that would bring a smile to your ear/face :)
Aug 26, 2021
EvshrugThank you for the detailed reply! Do any of the amps you listed have voice chat/game audio mixing like the astro mixup. Thats the biggest feature I'm looking for in an amp. Thanks again!
DirtTrackJunkyThere’s a few Creative products that have external chat/game balance, all of them have an option like that in PC software. On consoles (at least on the Xbox 360, PS4, and PS5, haven’t tried the XBox Series and generally Microsoft has been third party audio-unfriendly for two console generations), there are party chat/game volume balance controls in their respective quick menus, or you can almost always set the volume on an amp until you can comfortably hear chat, and then go into a game’s settings/options menu and turn down that game’s master volume. Do you think people would like it if I made a YouTube video to demonstrate these techniques?
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