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Voltage of Electronics

Yo! First off, not sure if I'm posting in the correct area but here goes!
My life situations dictates I live in various parts of the world (typing in Singapore at the moment but previously was in Las Vegas). I've been using Massdrop for a while now and one thing I think would really improve the community is if the voltage of electronic items is listed. It's fairly logical to assume things that will only ship in the US have a US plug and operate in at least 110V.
For anyone living in international markets (or even local USA and planning to travel/live elsewhere), it can be a hassle when the functioning voltage (and by extension, the type of plug) isn't listen in the item specs. I end up having to google the specific item and having to find either the manufacturer's website or the item's operator's manual.
I've also seen other people asking if an item is 110V, 220V, or works along the range so I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one frustrated by this. Please, if you guys are able to, do include volts and plug in the specs.

It'd be great especially for items that allow international shipping to let you have the option of changing the voltage and plug included for the device!
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