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Any chance of a Dragonfly RED drop?

The new Dragonfly RED model DAC looks incredible. The reviews are ridiculously good, and it works with iOS. Seems like a great product for Massdrop - mainly because:
  1. I want to buy one so it would be super convenient if there was a drop
  2. It's a bit pricey at $200 but cheap enough that if we could do a drop at say $150 or $130 I bet a *lot* of people (including me) would hop on that
  3. The reviews are superb
  4. It's an established and respected and well reviewed product and brand.
Thoughts? (Also, I'm new to this, so if there is some other good way to recommend a drop and I messed this all up I'm sorry, just let me know)

Dec 22, 2016
The product is great, mine arrived a week ago and it runs flawlessly when connecting my phone to my audio system (focal 948s) through audioquest green phonos-to-jack cables... i hope for you lot to see a drop! I would get another one for work to be honest :)
Dec 21, 2016
I'm pretty sure it's already on a poll which is the proper place to make these types of requests. If not, You could create one.
Dec 21, 2016
I bought two pairs of the (Dec 2016) Westone 30 IEM drops and am in the market for a DAC.
I want the Oppo HA-2SE to drive my headphones but don't need the amp part for the IEM's. So the choice of carrying something small like the RedDF for use with my W30's appeals.
I'm not a "wear my headphones during my commute" type of consumer, but can't wear the IEM's all day at logic points to the HA-2SE as the utility driven choice (besides the aural delta of swapping between 2 DAC's and drivers). If I bought both the redDF and HA-2SE it'd be like my wife explaining why she needed 2 different but similar Ver$ace™ bathing suits.
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