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Drop Keyboard Club Monthly Giveaway Thread

Hey Drop Keyboard Club Members! Update 2022-11-03 If you are already a DKC member, please head over to the new Giveaway Thread located in the DKC Lounge section. If you're not a member yet, I will try to periodically update this thread for posterity, but of course if you're really interested in keeping up to date you should just become a member. :)

@HoffmanMyster here - as many of you already know, I will be maintaining this thread going forward, starting with the doubled up March/April raffle. Apologies for taking so long to get it going again. Current raffle prize:
August/September - There will be two groups of winners for this draw, since the raffle is covering two months of prizes

Previous raffle prizes: July - Choice of Dwarf Factory Gnarly Drakon Artisan Keycap OR Dwarf Factory Terrarium Artisan Keycap OR ZMKC Pocket Game Console Artisan Keycap

May/June - Choice of LotR MT3 Elvish Keycap Set Base Kit (Hardcore or Training) AND choice of LotR The One Ring Artisan Keycap
(Can also select the Elvish or Dwarvish Ortho Kit and another sub-kit instead of the Elvish Base Kits (Dwarvish Base Kits currently sold out))

March/April - Choice of 3x 35-pack Holy Panda X switches (105 switches total) OR an in-stock keycap set of your choice February - Stack Overflow The Key Macropads

January - Winners get to pick from a list of in stock keycap sets December - It’s the holidays and we’ll have some special prizes to bring in the New year! November - 25 “Blind Box” Artisan Keycaps from Various Makers October - 25 Jiji Original Susuwatari Novelty Keycaps  Round 1 buyers of the MT3 Susuwatari keycap set were given a free “bonus keycap” with the purchase of a base kit. We held back 25 of these keycaps for promotional purposes and now it’s time to give them away. There are fewer than 500 of these keycaps in circulation compared to the 5000+ base kits sold. 
close Credit to user @vieko for the beautiful JiJi photo

September - 12 Marvel Infinity Saga Artisan Keycaps (4 of each style) These are the first artisan keycaps that we produced under license with Marvel.
The fine print:
  1. Everyone who is an active member of the Drop Keycap Club will be automatically entered into the monthly draw. The list of all eligible members is created on the last day of each month, at 11:59PM PT. The draw will be held on the first business day of the month, and the winners will be publicly announced on that same day.
  2. Winners will be notified via the email address registered to their email address. Winners are required to provide a valid mailing address that is serviced by major parcel carriers. Prizes will be shipped using insured, priority courier services. Due to the rare nature of many prizes, in the event of a lost or stolen package, the winner will be reimbursed for the insured cash value of the keycap.
  3. Winners who do not provide a valid address within 30 days of being contacted will forfeit their prize.

(Edited by moderator HoffmanMyster)

Still no winners?

A community member
Oct 26, 2022
Sounds like they're moving raffle announcements behind a paywall in their new keyboard club forum separate from this one.
Where is that?
Any word on this month's drawing?

Oct 18, 2022
maaneeackTumbleweeds may seem funny but man they're absolutely terrifying when you're barreling down a pitch black state road at 80 miles per hour in the middle of the night.
And the winners are.... Keyboards (SENSE75, Skiiboard, or Sea Urchin): two anonymous members!! (how anticlimactic, I know...) DCX Keycap Sets: @Wocka, @Froobs, @rekttify, and two additional anonymous members! Congratulations to all the winners! I will be hitting up your inboxes tomorrow to collect your preferences! Edit: Formatting was all sorts of wonky
HoffmanMystercongrats all!
HoffmanMysterHi @HoffmanMyster, did you receive my pick via email? I haven't heard back from you and wanted to make sure your spam filter isn't chomping my messages. Thanks!
I owe y'all an apology for the extended wait for this raffle. Hopefully the prizes make up for it, so without further ado, let's get into the details! I've chosen to complicate things just a tad this month... August/September - There will be two groups of winners for this draw, since the raffle is covering two months of prizes Winners will be announced later today - best of luck to all!
HoffmanMyster*pats self on back*
Morbiilol, you get a gold star for this month :D
Hey everyone, this week has kind of gotten away from me - sorry for the raffle delay. I should be able to take care of it early next week. Apologies for the wait!
HoffmanMysterany update on this months draw or are we looking at another joint 2 month draw? @HoffmanMyster
CfireMy guess is it’s a 2-monther with a sense 75 as the raffle prize.
Jul 12, 2022
Do we have any kind of update on upcoming potential review units?
Gameshow_GhostShoot, sorry I missed this! I really need to re-create this thread so I receive comment notifications. There will be some review units coming up in the near future. :) I'll be emailing those details out to DKC members.
HoffmanMysterWas a new thread ever created? the link on the DKC page still links to this thread and it looks like it was never updated for October.
And here are the July winners!! As usual, there are a whole bunch of winners without usernames, which makes this a lot less exciting - get some usernames, everyone! :P As for those with usernames, congratulations to @Goobus9388, @narwic, @wildcathcmc, and @pandab102! I'll be sending an email for you all to make your selections in just a few minutes. :)
HoffmanMysterCongratulations winners!
Jul 3, 2022
HoffmanMysterCongrats winners!!!
July is here! Happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors! This month we will be spreading the love a bit with a larger quantity of slightly smaller prizes. :) July - Choice of Dwarf Factory Gnarly Drakon Artisan Keycap OR Dwarf Factory Terrarium Artisan Keycap OR ZMKC Pocket Game Console Artisan Keycap Winners will be posted shortly!
Jun 10, 2022
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