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The Keycap Roadmap

Hey everyone, @HoffmanMyster here - I will be updating this thread going forward, so please direct any questions or comments my way from here on out.  Alex’s prior disclaimer holds true; schedules are always in flux and subject to change, but we’d rather share the info and have to correct it than not share it at all. With that said, expect a bit of leeway on the exact dates or time periods mentioned here, and don’t hesitate to ask for updates/clarifications if something drifts.  Some quick housekeeping: there are a lot of things in the works at any given point, some of which you all will be more interested to hear about than others. Additionally, it’s just a crazy amount of work to try to keep all of that updated and provide any valuable information. As such, I’ve started with pretty much all of the keysets (it is the Keycap Roadmap, after all), and a handful of notable accessories and other items. If there is anything else you’d like to see shared here (Do you want to see upcoming desk mats? More insight into coming artisans/cables?) just let me know and I’ll do what I can to include it!  With that out of the way, here is the plan for the foreseeable future. Expect regular updates monthly, or as changes are prompted by community interaction.  Side note: I tried to add images, but they fill the entire width of the post and are a bit unwieldy. Won't be able to add thumbnails for the time being, sorry all. Keycap Roadmap as of 2022-07-08

2022 Q2

2022 Q3
  • DCX Deep Space (launched)
  • MT3 Serika R2
  • DCX Magnolia
  • DCX Cyber (MiTo)
  • DCX Jasmine (formerly Bamboo)
  • DCX Permafrost
  • DCX 300 APM
  • DCX Violac
  • DCX Designer Set (pending production verification)
  • DCX Designer Set (pending production verification)
  • MT3 Whitolet

2022 Q4
  • MT3 Dolch
  • DCX Dusk
  • DCX Classic

  • DCX Spooky
  • DCX Octopink PBT
  • DCX Novemblue PBT
  • DCX Seyellow PBT
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For anyone who hasn't seen the new and up-to-date keycap roadmap, take a look at the new post in DKC Lounge 👍
Feb 18, 2023
HoffmanMysterso that is locked to members. how do I know if I want to join if I don't know what is coming. it would be nice if the roadmap was in a thread, like this one, open to everyone
any sample pics of the other DCX?
Nov 1, 2022
@HoffmanMyster Any possible way to get an update for Q4 and beyond? This seems very outdated now.
RobL569Updated at long last, please take a look at the new thread if you haven't already
Oct 5, 2022
We are now in Q4, can we get this updated since alot of the stuff in Q3 has been shifted to Q4.
@HoffmanMyster Is SA LASER restock still scheduled to ship in early November 2022?
tahoeriderKeycaps are en route currently - I expect that buy to begin shipping next week actually. :)
Hey do we have any more of them updates 😀Been excited to see more on MT3 Whitolet!
Jul 11, 2022
Going to be a harsh rant but I think this is needed.... What use is having an update thread if there is no description or picture of the upcoming products? Also from the replies below it seems like products can just fall off the list at the whim of Drop management/keycap team. Products essentially "don't exist" until they go live aka vaporware, not that it matters because we can't get hyped for a product we know literally nothing about... Who decides when a new product is green-lit? If there are no IC's do we as a community have any say at all in products that we want to see or is it all up to the preferences of this "keycap team" to make the decisions? On top of these lackluster updates, the gambling system that is the "monthly discount lottery" for club members has given me one $30 discount and 5 months of $20 discounts. Great, except every month there seems to be a $20 off $100 promo for non-keyboard club members too! (Currently DROPJULY2022) Why even offer this if you're going to dilute it with public discounts of equal value that can't be combined with the club perk? Are there any intentions of sharing the odds or distribution of discount rates? Also lastly, besides getting a few days early access to some keycaps that dropped a few months ago, I have yet to see any of these "Exclusive" member only keycap sales that I remember being mentioned at the time I signed up. I don't mean any offense to the community manager responding to these comments, since from what I understand the original guy just up and left, but Drop as a company needs to start paying attention to this keyboard club... it needs a serious overhaul. As of today, I'm 6 months into my membership and I still have yet to see any value justifying the cost of membership.
Completely agree! The coupon stacking issue is not intentional, it's a limitation of the payment platform that we use. That's why we only use coupons when necessary, like with the BOGO events. I have provided this feedback, but of course we are at the mercy of the external platform so no idea if or when that might change. Not much in the way of markdown or HTML on the posting side, unfortunately. This is all controlled on the back end by our dev team and an improvement is on their roadmap now. :) In the meantime I will need to implement some workarounds, but that shouldn't be a big hurdle.
HoffmanMysterWhy not just give rewards points that expire after a month (and the first ones used are the expirable ones, of course), OR, have a way to convert the coupon to rewards points that expire after a month if that's an easier upgrade path.
Updated the roadmap today 👍
A community member
Jul 15, 2022
Not all of the upcoming sets are listed here. MT3 Serika is coming back, and is PBT.
Good catch, I had missed that one somehow.
Jun 30, 2022
Can we start to expect to see Novelties for DCX sets?
RobL569Yes! The first set to include novelties will be launching very SoonTM - stay tuned for more details.
I’m excited for DCX Cyber (MiTo)
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