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$250 HD6XX Amp/Dac

I just recently entered the drop for the HD6XX's and was wondering what good Amp+Dac combo I could get for 200 or should I just skip the dac and go for an amp for around $175?

I've done tons of research I've also have tried the IFI Nano Black Label which is a great product and the Burr Brown DAC chip inside of it made an amazingly spacious sound I also try the RHA DAC amp L1 it did not have the same level of spaciousness the IFI Nano Black Label had but where it made up was the amount of adjustability and various setting a quite literally had Hardware eq's on the device but after trying both of those my heart is still really set on the centrance dacportable I've heard amazing things about centrance's tonality with their devices. It also has Hardware settings for treble and bass but out of all the devices I've tested it has a higher wattage output than all of them really want to get this one when they drop returns
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Yes, making cables is in my plans also, have some high purity solder in the mail. Got sold on the high purity aspect, live everyday with impurity problems at work... so logical to me:
I just got a braided set of cables used off eBay, like the look and feel, for the next T1/HD600 gift set.
Resistors and solder, two noisy bastards we have to deal with. Just got Dueland cast resistors for the speaker project and I will let you know how the oyaide flows;)
Those are very nice resistors! And nice solder too, I haven't heard of them until you mentioned.
I've thought about buying some pre-braided cables from eBay and then removing the terminations, but the problem is the lack of 4-strand options for balanced. And I also want to use my own y-splitter and perhaps add a ground channel.
Why ground? Well the stock 4-pin Hifiman He1000 balanced cables have 3 wires per channel, the only thing I can think of is the headphone needs a ground channel for some reason.
+1 for Aune T1. Unless you're willing to DIY, it's the best thing at that price point.
The Aune T1 is the most refined sounding DAC/Amp combo in that price range. When paired with the HD6XX, it beats the similarly priced Schiit Modi+Magni stack on clarity and mid-range seduction. Compared to the similar priced ODAC+O2, it is less veiled, less sterile and more dynamic.
Do you know the best place to buy it? Would it be off of their website, another website or does it every once in a while drop on mass drop?
It does get dropped on Massdrop quite often, when it does it's usually $169 :)
Theirs always the steelseries Arctis game DAC