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AUDEZE worthwhile?

Hey all I've been in love with the aesthetic look of some of the LCD series and was wondering is their price tag of $1500+ really worthwhile? I would buy them if I could get a better understanding of what their levels feel like.

I have a pair of EL-8 Closed-Back and love them. They have a very rich sound, Excellent bass extension. Which is why I wanted them. They do require at least 100 hours of break in. And I have the Titanium model. And the DAC in it does not do much for me. So I use the other cable provided and my amp for a better experience. While I don't have the portable amp I want at the moment. Which is the Chord MOJO. My little uAmp is doing an okay job.
I am looking to step up to the LCD's soon. Just based on my experience wit the EL-8's.
I do on several pair of mid to semi-high en cans. And these are by far and away my favorite.
Only you can decide if they're worth it. Look at their website and try to find an AD in your area so you can go and demo them. Reading reviews online and asking for other people's opinions can only get you so far. If every review you read says they're the greatest cans on the face of the earth and you try them out and think they're junk, then they're obviously not worth your investment - no matter what other people say. However, if you think they sound great and you like the look and you're willing to spend the money, then your question answers itself!
Get a pair of electrostatic cans instead; for an equivalent price you can get a pair of Stax or Koss ESP950s with an adapter for pro-bias Stax energizers (the cans themselves are on par with Stax SR-007As imo, but the default E/90 energizer leaves something to be desired; which is why you splice a male 5 pin Pro connector onto the extension cable and get a Stax SRM-whatever energizer).
Waste of money.
Audeze with fazors are Not worth the price....I have the LCD-2 F and they sit on the shelf.
Try the HD-6XX or Th-X00 and you will be better served
Audeze is having a holiday sale with some pretty deep discounts:
Id suggest you buy a used lcd-2 for around 400 to 500 bucks first. If you really like the audeze sound then id consider the x or xc, maybe another lcd. Though i feel like the lcd 3 is so close to the lcd 2 that it isnt worth an upgrade, and the lcd 4 isnt woth the price its at right now.
Or even head down to an audio shop to check them out. I think you'll know quickly if they're in line with your tastes.
That too, testing the headphones is always best. I cant do that myself since i dont have a hifi shop within 3 hours of me, so i speak from personal methods.
What do your ears tell you? If you're going to get into headphones at that price range only you can tell yourself it they're worth the price to you.
With the number of audio professionals and top notch reviewers I've seen talk about them as though they are the generally accepted standard of excellence I can't imagine them being unworthy of consideration, although I can't speak from direct experience with them.
Haven't listened to them yet, but some reviews of the EL-8 are saying that they are pretty close to the LCD-3 at half the price. Probably worth checking out before going for the more expensive headphones.
Absolutely worth it. These are high-end planars, and will destroy any of the mid-fi dynamics most people online think are great (ie, HD600/650, DT880, TH-X00, etc).
The new version of the LCD-4 is especially good and competes for top place in the ultra high end along with the HE-1000, Abyss and Stax.
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Agreed...the bass on my Audeze LCD 2 fazor is destroyed by my TH-X00...its totally limp dick.
Sort of depends on how much you're wiling to spend on audiophile equipment. Beyond the $1000 range, you're never really going to get a straight answer as to what is 'better' amongst them. Primarily because nobody owns all of them, but also because its all subtlety at that range.
To put it simply, brands like Audeze continue to sell headphones in that range because they do sell and they definitely can't be 'bad' by any stretch. Are you getting three times the headphone compared to something at $500? Probably not, even more so if you don't have a serious DAC and AMP. Your best bet are the random comparison reviews on Youtube or Headfi, though I'm sure everyone will say they sound amazing, possibly with some minor caveats.
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Our 'different tastes' are what drive us to consider the subtleties, but that is all the difference there is at that level. They are all good at reproducing sound at that range, but as I said, subtleties are the only thing that could possibly color a review for any headphone in that price range.
The problem is, any review is going to be at the subjective taste of the reviewer, even in A-B comparisons between other models and brands. When it comes to high end cans, however, there aren't broad strokes of difference that separate them like they do in the midrange. Mostly because there are just so many offerings in the 3-digit ranges.
The differences between the Audeze LCD-X and the Sennheiser HD-800 are far from subtle.
They sound muffled to me. If you like a dark sound you might enjoy them, if you appreciate treble, look elsewhere.