The coolest mouse ever?


This is a little off topic but mouse and keyboard always go hand in hand, don't they? If you are interested in having cool keyboards, you may be as well excited about cool mouses. I've been searching for a mouse that satisfies me the way customized mechanical keyboards do. But I could not find anything that even come close to what I want. Generally there are gaming mouses which are said to be accurate, sensitive, blah blah. Those I don't need, just like I never need plastic gaming keyboards from Corsair, Razer, Logitech, and the likes. I need aluminum cases, better tactile switches, good build quality and full programmability. For mouses, I need something that looks cool, wireless, durable, excellent build quality.
And finally I found one (links below). This mouse is made from metal and wood. You can't get anything better made than this. It also looks very cool. It's wireless and rechargeable through USB. It's currently on a crowdfunding campaign. The lowest price offered was $60 (which is now too late to get). However if you are interested, please check that out and spread the words. I hope Massdrop will offer mouses like this alongside mechanical keyboards.

Sep 7, 2018
It's gorgeous but how would you grip the mouse itself? It doesn't seem terribly ergonomic.
Sep 8, 2018
The gap between the wood and the aluminum base seems allow some good grip there. It will not be as ergonomic as plastic mouse because there is a limit of how much wood can bend. Also it seems like there are a lot of metal towards the front, which could make it tip to the front when you lift the mouse up. They can balance the weigh with the battery, etc... There are certainly compromise on the design. But I'm not gonna use it for gaming. I'll use it to impress people and myself. Who uses artisan keycaps for serious typing anyways.
Sep 8, 2018
me lol. I type on Laser GMK for work every day...