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Best Long-term Biking IEMs

So I have a reasonably nice job as a bicycle delivery boy for a cookie company, especially for an 18 year old, with 15 $ an hour, Healthcare, and a 401K. My problem is that working the 8-9 hour days can get a bit... Repetitive, and obviously I don't want to go lugging my Audiophile Headphones all over the place for several reasons. Thusly, I ask you, the Massdrop community, what kind of NON BLUETOOTH IEM's should I be on the lookout for? Preferably for less than 200 buckaroos, and bonus points if it is/has been on Massdrop.

Dec 27, 2016
The last thing you want on a bike is sound isolation! Please, for the sake of your cranium, stay away from IEMs!
Dec 27, 2016
I cycle with Etymotic HF5 ($108) using the foam tips. Prior to that ER4s (~$300, better but more expensive - they were stolen from me). They never fall out. The ER-23-HF3s ($125) if you want with Microphones. As with all Etys they do sound isolate phenomenally so I suggest mirror on left side of bicycle and mainly use with podcasts and books (not music). Obviously, always be alert.
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