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Looking for a Dac and I am interested in suggestions.

Currently I have Sennheiser HD6XX's and a Little dot 1+ for my amp. I have been looking at the Modi Multibit but am open to suggestions. Preferably I would like to keep it under $200 but if its just right I can swing $250 if not a bit more. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also on a side note it needs to be pleasing to the eye to look at.

Does your rig need to be portable and tubed? That will make a difference in the suggestions you will get. Let us know when you get the chance and I am sure you will get some specific replies based on the 6XX sound profile.
If going portable, look at the Topping NX4. It is a decent DAC when used for desktop setups.
Topping also has good dacs they are real Schiit killers.
schiit is good for it
schiit modi non-multibit sounds very good. I don't see the need for multibit.