I’m outta of HERE!

Nov 21, 202191 VIEWS
I joined back in 2019 with a little hesitation, but after weeks/months of seeing some cool gear go by on this site, I finally pulled the trigger on a Fallkniven F1x that was for sale at a very reasonable price. Waiting to get my order filled by Drop took some getting used to. Anyway I found some cool gear that I purchased like: 3 fixed blade knives, a pair of polarized sunglasses, an awesome Nite Core headlamp, a pair of earbuds I use with my Police Scanner, and the most disappointing purchase of all a Keysmart that appeared to be made of either aluminum or titanium on the site but turned out to be plastic. I knew things were changing when I saw fewer everyday carry/outdoor gear items on this site, but the last straw was when I got an email notification for a Protech Les George SBR Fixed Blade and when I clicked to purchase it I was sent to Amazon! Bought the knife anyway because the price was good but it left a bad taste in my mouth so to speak. In closing I’d just like to add that I feel somewhat betrayed by Drop as I imagine other EDC gear heads do as well! Drop no longer has knives, sunglasses, bags/backpacks/wallets, and other everyday carry items for sale on their site which is very disappointing! If Drop changed their business model due to political ideology than all the more reason I’m outta of HERE!


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