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An advise please...

I am a gamer also I'm addicted to music so..
Which one should i choose:
Sennheiser HD58x


Sennheiser PC37x

Even alittle word that would be enough.

Sep 28, 2018
I would advise you get a pair for gaming and a pair for music. I have tried many headphones over the years and never did find one that had the functionality I wanted in a gaming headset coupled with the audio quality of what I want in my listening headphones. If you are set on getting headphones for both, I would suggest you stay away from Sennheiser if you plan on using an inline microphone like antlion. The headphone connector will not work properly with Sennheiser headphones even with the mod, and I say this from experience and several different models. I hope that helps, good luck with your search.
Sep 28, 2018
I removed my previous comment, as I'd hate to make your decision more difficult based on specific (subjective) things.
Instead, you should consider use/total cost, and what's more important to you.
You'll get roughly the same volume out of either, unamped. (on board pc sound or connected to the controller of the ps4/xbox/ your smartphone. The 58x will sound more "full", the 37x will sound more "accurate" or even "flat".
58x are going to sound better for most newer produced music. 37x will likely have better positional audio/footsteps, but sound more "flat" overall. For some things this is a blessing as the 58x can be a little bright at times (IMO), or have a little more bass slam than I'd like (for example, explosions or other sounds in game overshadowing footsteps).
If you do any console gaming with chat, the pc37x is going to be easier to deal with day to day. You can add a v-moda boom or modmic to the 58x, but I really only recommend using a desk mic if you choose to game with the 58x, which kind of cuts out console gaming unless that is also at your desk (personally I have the pc360 that I use if I'm on console and need communication, but the 58X is fine for solo gaming).
If you go with the 58x I'd recommend an xlr mic (not usb) and then you'll need an interface, which can also act as your dac/amp (like a umc22). These both increase the cost and you'll have a more complicated setup, more wiring, fine for pc gaming but more of a pain if you do any other gaming. But at the same time you'll be happier while listening to music.
Sep 29, 2018
xformulaxWhat do you think of using usb mics instead of the xlr-interface combo to cut costs?
Sep 30, 2018
phoenixsongThey're fine if you're just using it for voice comms, even a blue snowball is going to be as good or better than any headset attached mic. I just run into noise/interference and adding a decrapifier/filter is just another added cost, but I also do a little voice-over/audio production and am looking to move away from the blackout yeti (previous drop a couple years back)
Sep 24, 2018
not to make things anymore confusing for you but, I use my 598 SE. It works extremely well with FPS and MMORPG's. The only problem with the Sennheisers is that you can not put an aftermarket mic on them like the antlion without modding. I game at my desk so my setup is the GSX 1000, Sennheiser 598 SE or Takstar 82 pro and desktop neewer mic on a scissor mount that cost me $25 and was the best investment in mics I have ever made.


Sep 23, 2018
look into a desktop mic or modmic if you want the HD58x. I would strongly recommend them too, if you can get a mic setup that works for you too. And also, if you have an amp since 58x is a high impedance headphone. It is tuned for music, but that honestly should still work really well for gaming, so even if you can't properly amp it, if you can get enough volume its still probably the better choice
Sep 22, 2018
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