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Looking for good noise canceling work headphone options, mic needed!

I work at a call center and have cubicle buddies that are loud. They are hurting my productivity. :( I think I can work 20-25% better if I could just muffle them some. it would help me multi task.
I love Sennheiser headphones for home use. I am looking at a pair of Pink Floyd HD1s for work since they are on sale for $300. Is the microphone good at canceling noise? Would they work in a office enviroment? My call center is casual so I think I could wear these headphones. Might make work a bit more fun too!
So, if these wouldn't work.. hmm. What options would you all consider for good headsets? Wireless is not required. I could always try to get a normal headphone set and a mod mic. OH my workplace does prefer that I use a usb output from the computer so I would probably get a usb sound blaster card or something.
Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
jharmsen and ohsigmachi

Bose QC headphones are one of the best noise cancelling headphones out there.
There's a lot of options these days and I have honestly never seen this many new brands coming to market too. Keep your eyes out for Bluetooth 5 with the new AptX codec which could actually be just as good as corded, I don't know. This list is pretty good if you are looking for wireless but other than that I think the names you listed are actually all good options.
The best in the market now is: Sony WH1000 XM3 noise cancelling, mic. blue tooth, good drivers, and very handy hand mute fetcher.
For me my Sennheiser Momentum Wireless are great!
If you can foot the price, i love my B&O H9i headphones. I travel allot and find them a necessity for making calls in the airport or drowning out the monotony by turning on the noise canceling... the H8i may be a cheaper alternative but I have not tried them
You're basically describing the Sennheiser MB 660. I recently picked up a pair for $80 used on ebay. They're designed for loud call centers and have amazing sound quality for music.
I love the sound of my Parrot Zik's. Way better than Bose, but the pads wear easily, but remain comfortable. If you don't mind flaky leather, they sound way better than other noise canceling options imho.
Bose QC series. Microphone is built in, works well with phones.
If you're looking for a cheap option you can always just buy a lapel mic and bring your favorite closed cans to work. Or if you're really bent on buying a headset, you can't go wrong with Hyper X Clouds - ignore the "gaming" portion of the brand, they're actually a decent pair of cans for the price
I like my Sony 1000XM3. Base is nice, overall the depth of sound is excellent. The focus is different than my older Sennheiser HD598's. Overall I like them though my ears get hotter in these than the open eared Sennheisers. Sound quality is better, ever so slightly lower comfort, nice portables though. Can compare to mid range wired.
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Well, it was close enough for you to get the meaning right XD
still loving my headphones. broke them in and they are filling better than ever. Boompro mic is my my mic. Feels good.
sony wh-1000xm2 is the best all-arounder
I bought the 1000xm3. will post impressions after i play.
if you want to use headsets in noisy place, then you should go for the best noise canceling headsets, there are tons of option available in the market, but its very difficult to find some good options having noise canceling quality. i would suggest you to check these two guides to find best noise canceling wireless earbuds these days, and
QC35s. I've come to the realization that sound quality is not a terribly important factor for work headphones, because you are not, in general, focusing primarily on the music. So for work the quality of the QC35s is good enough, and the noise cancelling is legendary.
supposedly the Sony 1000mk3 is better than the qc35s for anc now. ened up buying tbe Sony
TL;DR : Sennheiser's PXC550 and HD1, Bose's QC35 and Sony's WH-1000XM3 I have a Sennheiser PXC550, and I quite like it ! The ANC on it is pretty good and it sounds lovely. If ANC is your priority though, there are the famous QC35 from Bose, their noise cancelling is amazing, better then the PXC550's and I'd wager it's better then the HD1's as well, but I gather people generally consider Senn's cans to be better sounding. Another really interesting option would be Sony's WH-1000XM3, I've read more than once that these dethroned the QC35s as the king of ANC. Regarding mic quality, I reckon you wouldn't have a problem with any of these.
Cool, thanks for the response. The Sony 700MH are only $150 and might make for a better budget option. I know the QC35s have a mute function for the microphone. You just press the plus and minus volume buttons simultaneously. I am not sure if the other phones have mute options. Do you know?
The HD1's in ear are attractive for the price. I think the QC35s would be better purely as a work tool and as a comfortable gaming set.
If the Sony WH-1000MK3 has a mute function I might just get them. :P So yeah, the thing I need to know is how easy it is to mute people. I only have to do it two or three times a day but to be honest it is useful.
About the mute function, that is something I don't know, it ought to be easy to find out about though. I had thought of the 700MH as well, I just don't how it measures up against the other ones. In regards to the HD1 in-ears, I'd look up how good it is at isolating, just to be on the safe side, as an in-ear it should do a decent job.