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An Update on my Vintage Koss Headphones

About a year ago, I shared the story of how I discovered a working set of Koss headphones from the 1960s while I was killing some time in an antique store .
I've just about finished up my theatre room setup, and I'll share some pictures of the whole thing on the gear thread. But despite the fact that I have a lot of great modern gear that may sound better, these guys are still my most beloved headphones because of the sheer luck of finding them, and their ties to the very beginning of the hobby.
I may be a sentimental fool, but just wanted to share where they landed.
You can see some images from when these were in their prime on the Koss history site: https://www.koss.com/history/

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They look brand new from here!
And hang on to that Phrenology bust--in the age of Trump, that science is poised to make a come back ;- )