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Now Available!

Thanks to Zambumon for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Massdrop x Zambumon GMK Serika Custom Keycap Set available.

YanboDrop Buyer

Massdrop x Zambumon GMK Serika Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x Zambumon GMK Serika Custom Keycap Set

I really like those Micons! :) I'm strongly inclined to get myself a set of them, if they release.
Absolutely love the Micons! Would buy in a heartbeat!
I absolutely love the decision to remove the Alphas and replace it with Hiragana. The set is now a "must-buy" for me.
I'll try to clarify step by step why the update was done this way and breakdown all my decissions. First of all, I'm perfectly aware of how polarizing this changes are. For some people, this is a deal breaker, and for some others a the set is now a must have. I've been always interested in sublegends and I like them a lot as they make sets very appealing, and as some of you already know, Serika's name is a reference to a manga (Space Brothers). So there has always been a thematic pretext to have those Hiragana legends added to the set since the very first moment. In fact, some of my early sketches for this set back in 2016 when the set was unnamed, had either Hiragana or Hangul sublegends. However, back in 2016 having those sublegends on a GMK set wasn't possible, and that's why I initially sticked to the more "standard" look. Soon after update #2 was released, which added Hiragana and Micons, I started to become more and more uncomfortable with the set and its kits. For every single set, and specially for the GMK ones, the base kit is the core of the set, and everyone should get it. All base kits should be as affordable as possible, which can be achieved by having the right amount of keycaps and also reaching higher order quantities. By adding those two kits I was achieving the exact opposite of what I wanted, splitting the orders between 2 options in detriment of the core kit.
This big change to the base set lost my interest.
Replacing the standard set with a hiragana one? Ok still looks good. Still think the first version looked better since, to me, all those legends in the same keys looks a bit too crowded. But, again, still looks good. However, correct me if I'm wrong but the Core kit no longer supports UK-ISO, right? If so, is there any kit that does? I can't seem to find one that does.
Cant wait for this drop. So pumped!
Man, and this was going to be my endgame set :( Was really looking forward to this one, not so much anymore
Just removed my votes to show my disapproval. I can understand Westerners' fascination with Japanese culture but **not** when it's in my soup.
This went from a definite must-buy to a skip. I was really excited for this set, too.
I'm in the same boat. This change is an absolute killer. Was super excited. Not a chance I buy it now.
Same. Easy money for me
is there still a core kit with non-hiragana legends planned? Same question goes for NordeKit
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Kits have been updated, you can check them out here:
I'll try to post a long entry on my blog detailing why kits have been updated this way and why the set only has now Latin+Hiragana legends.
Going just with Hiragana means that for Colemak or NORDE Hiragana sub legends would be needed, and that is completely unviable. Even if I kept the kits as they were previous to this update, my prognostics were that NORDE wouldn't have reached MOQ.
Ok I‘m sure I wasn‘t the only one who would have wanted non-hiragana legends. This was my most anticipated set so far, guess I‘ll save the money now
What would be the best way to cover a XD75re?
Base kit + 40s + Spacebars.
Thanks! I like the changes to the core kit, btw!
Any time estimation for this to drop?
Soon, most likely after PuLSE.
Yellow spacebar please!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for taking your time to reply.
No problem!
Is that a R2 1.5u Backspace in the Core set? Glad to see a keyset including such a hard to find key.
Yes, the base kit includes a R2 1.5U Backspace, as well as a R1 1.00U \| for the HHKB layout.
Is the yellow the same shade of yellow used in Nautilus ? I like my novelty Yello Nautilus enter key, and am thinking of getting an extra micons to go with Nautilus.
No, Serika uses a custom yellow, Pantone 116C. You can read more about it here:
Thanks for clarifying
nice micons kit
I love the Hiragana and Micons! Is it possible to add a standard white space bar to the Hiragana set or something? Otherwise I’d have to get a whole Core set just for that white space bar. Can’t wait for this!
This is a big issue and although he has stated he won't be offering spacebars with the Hiragana kit, at least can we have a guarantee that a white spacebar kit will also be available and not just the black one? Makes no sense to force people to have a black spacebar if they want to go the Hiragana + micons route...
You can now vote for Hiragana and Micons!
Can you add a R1 1U Backspace to the 40s kit for us Preonic users?
I got an email today and thought the keytops were dropping, I've been juked :p
Looking forward to buying these when they drop :)
That's because I've posted Serika on the Massdrop talks page. Sorry about that!
No problem! Now that they've actually dropped, ordered!
Just a quick update about Serika's IC on Geek Hack.
Yesterday at night, GH moderation team decided to move the interest check from the interest check subforum to the Massdrop subforum. It will be harder for new people to find about this project, but it is what it is.
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Make an IC first, explore community feed back and keep the pool on MD until you have finished the IC. That is an elegant solution that allow GH to rule as they want. Personally I have issues with MD because they do not ship to the Country I am based now; thus, non MD buys are better for me. MD buys tend to reach far better prices though. So, I cannot have the best of both worlds.
First make the [IC] on Geekhack? As soon as you start a Poll on MD, Geekhack will move your [IC] to their Massdrop subforum.
Or first make the [IC] on Massdrop? They are easier to find and follow now that Massdrop added Categories to their Talk forum - [IC] is one of their Categories.

Geek Hack's interest check is going strong and some good suggestions have been made there, such as adding MiTo's icon mods (Blocknet a.k.a. Micons) as well as Hiragana alphas. I think that would be perfect match for the Tokyo60!
2U shift available? Still new to this and not sure how to tell in sets :)
Good day! I've started an interest check thread on Geekhack, so I could answer some questions regarding the set.
I'd rely love to see a second R4 1U shift key in the 40s kit.
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I have done a small update to the 40s kit and added a second R4 1U shift
Awesome! I'm in for this kit!
I don't get the hype around this set. Yes it looks nice, but it really just is BoW with some yellow mods, not really an amazing new colorway some people are hyping it as.
Tbh I get what you are saying.
But I think its nice, plain and simple. Thats what makes it nice. its not heavily themed or clashing, its just nice, Plus the novelties I like alot.
Maybe add a cream 1U “00” to the base kit to go with the 1U “0”, for those who have two 1U’s rather than one 2U “0” on their numpad.
I'd like to see some more fancy novelties designs. The current ones are a little lacklustre compared to GMK Nautilus. I suggest Möbius strip (öbius_strip), fractals (, perhaps a nicely coloured normal distribution curve? Your choice on which of these are actually usable.
Can you add the gmk nautilus style ergodox keys with the doubleshot legends?
Nautilus' ergodox kit was expensive and had a hard time to reach the Minimum Order Quantity, despite of Nautilus' hype. With Serika, a safer (and cheaper) route will be used.