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I tried the top four before buying the lcd-x which is the sound I was looking four. The 800s where ok but I will never understand what the hype is all about. I found them comfortable but to aggressive highs and the bass was soulless.
I changed my HD 800S for the HD 820 and the HDV 820, if you want to have real high-end audio is this the best ever!!
From my understanding the only difference betaeen the HD800S ans the HD820 is the gorilla glass enclosing the headphones to make them closed back.
ZMF Auteur is definitely the best sounding and gorgeous looking. Sounds like a romantic HD800. Hifiman Arya feels way too cheap to be in this list. Very underwhelming. Should be with lower-priced tier.
I am not so sure, the build of the Arya is mostly plastic and an extreme letdown compared to just about any ZMF headphones and the HD800, but the drivers are supposedly based off the he1000 and is in the same family of headphones. To some it might sound like a good deal at the asking price of $1600, but if you prioritize longevity and build then I would look elsewhere.
It is that I do not have the money otherwise I would like to try it out but it seems that the Focal Clear has a good overall quality + is a very complete package.
I ordered my ZMF Aeolus December 12th 2017 and their not ready to be shipped out. I'm wondering if waiting would be even longer through MD. The Hifiman Arya would be the real choice when its a He 1000 v2 in a cheaper look.
Lol, dt1990s are not even close to $1000 though
What about Stax L700?
If one needs to add an amp for an electrostatic like the L700, the total price could well exceed the upper $2K limit for this little poll. From what I just saw, the SR-L700 runs about $1400 and the smallest amp from Stax, the SRM-D10, lists for $900. If someone had an amp for powering the Stax, then the L700 could be in this category. But if someone would need a specific amp to run a Stax, then the L700 essentially climbs out of the "$1000-2000" category by virtue of the power source requirement.