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Thanks to Consciouswrdsbt for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones available.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones

Hi Everyone,
We're trying to get every product in this poll, especially the M50x. At this time though, the closest we're going to get is the standard M50.
We're talking with Sennheiser right now, we're trying to find philips X1s, M50x is backordered for months, Grado has no stock available, we listed the COP earlier this month.
Thanks for your votes, we're always working, trying to get more of these products listed sooner.
Really? 9 votes for Beats? ...
The AKG K545...smaller than the 550 with a detachable plug. Perfect.
I already have HifiMan He-500 but would consider a second set from that brand. To be honest, I'd love to see anything from Focal. The entire line from them interests me and they all retail for 350 or less. A drop on these would fit the category I feel. It's just a shame people focus on the most popular models.
Problem is that the more common ones have more reviews and recommendations. because of that, more people will buy them. and now you have a snowball effect. especially with more expensive equipment, people are less likely to risk their money on something that they haven't heard of or seen great review of by trusted sources.
... the beats by dre are in here? really?
What does that say about the Street by 50 option present? If you think Beats by Dre pour salt in open wounds, then Street by 50 fornicates those wounds.
Beats by Apple FTFY
Bah, you guys put up the M50 all the time. How about something different for a change? I hear the Hifiman HE-400 is amazing, and it's a planar magnetic headphone.
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we havent once gotten a drop on the M50x.
from what I have read is that the HE-400 is great, but the HD-500 is significantly better and is worth the money. I haven't listened to either myself, but that is what I gather from several days of research
Update Time!
Audio Technica: Still talking with them about listing the M50x. The most immediate issue holding back a listing is the backorder status on this item. Given it's popularity, retailers are ordering as many as they can and the stock is going to retailers with seniority. We'll list these as soon as AT has any for us to buy, but that won't be any time in the near future.
HD598: Spoke with Sennheiser on Wednesday of last week. They're thinking about the prospect of listing on Massdrop but the headphone they mentioned during our call was the momentum line. Odds of a HD598 drop are VERY low, if you're set on it, amazon has some pretty good prices from time to time.
As far as everything else in the poll, we're working on sourcing all of it as quickly as we can.
That said, team, can we vote on some more unique headphones? I understand that the M50, M50x, and HD598 (gaben bless them) are favorites on /r/headphones, but perhaps we can collectively descend into the internet and return with some headphones of comparable performance and lesser known manufacturers?
Massdrop lets audiophiles make audiophile polls, vote on audiophile products, so someone who knows nothing about headphones can see a listing and say "Wow, I don't know much about headphones but it's got votes from 600 audiophiles! I trust the Massdrop community so I'll join this now". As our audiophile members, you're helping to introduce and explain the audiophile world to thousands of new people every week. Let's try to give them as broad of an introduction as possible.
Fischer Audio is a company worth looking into, King Sound just released some high-end electrostatics, Soundmagic has a couple great on-ears, and Rock-It Sounds has some very well reviewed cans. There are so many headphones worth exploring and if you bring more manufacturers into the mix, there's a much higher chance of you getting what you vote for.
Will, I love you. You've taken the words right out of my mouth. I really think people should give other headphones a shot. M50(x)s and HD 598s are great headphones, but so are Onkyos, Beyerdynamic DT-1350s, Shure SRH840s, Sennheiser Momentums, and NAD VISO HP50s.
I second bringing the black M50s back again if the M50x isn't going to be an option in the near future.
HD 650 guys, come on
i hope the fidelio x1's come up some time soon
People please, forget one second about the over-hyped M50s or HD598. I'm no big AKG lover, but the K545 sounds amazing for a closed can. And the Philips Fidelio X1 is killer, although no changeable pads :(
The m50s are going for that on ebay. Would rather wait and get my hands on those dope blue m50x
Amazon is probably your best bet for the blue ones. They are indeed, dope.
Update Time!
My call with the AT Pro Line National Sales Manager was cut short by meetings but there's a little bit of information to report. Apparently AT has backorders for over 15,000 units of the M50X and before they can consider signing up to list on Massdrop, they're going to have to fill these pre-existing orders.
We're going to talk more in the coming days and weeks but it looks like you might want to explore other options if you're interested in some headphones this month.
That said, we've got a few vendors asking if they can list the M50 at the same price it was listed last time. Is that something that'd interest you? It's not the X but it's also a pretty decent price so let me know if you want to see the M50s back on the site and I'll see about making it happen.
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I specifically wanted the xes because they had a detachable cable. Literally every pair of headphones i've had went bad because the cable stopped working.
I would love to see the M50s in black!
Update Time!
I've got a call scheduled with the National Sales Manager for Audio-Technica's pro line tomorrow morning. For reference, I've been emailing and calling Audio-Technica nearly every week for the last six months and I'm finally going to speak with a decision maker at their company tomorrow morning.
I'll explain Massdrop, how much interest you've all shown in this poll, and I'll explain the opportunity they have with a community of our size. I'll also explain how other companies like AKG have seen a lot of success listing products from high vote count polls (K612, K712, and soon the K812) and expanding their sales through our platform.
Stay tuned, I'll do my best to give you an update after the call : )
Update time?
Just for you.
Mikros 90 ... some head-fiers claim to be better / on par with HP50 ... or Yamaha HPH-200 cannot be bad
Mikros 90 is already on Newegg at the moment for $60 with free shipping, don't think it'll get much better than that.
The Philips Fidelio X1 is a fantastic headphone, superior comfort AND sound over the M50. Nowadays you can almost get the X1 for around the same price, maybe a little more than the M50s. But, the X1 is an open headphone, so not exactly a portable option to use around town, commuting, etc.
I have no idea where you're getting prices from, but the X1 is MUCH more expensive than the M50. The usual price difference is more than $100, so of course the sound quality, comfort, and etc are going to be better.
"The usual price difference is more than $100, so of course the sound quality, comfort, and etc are going to be better."
*cough cough* BEATS BY DRE *cough cough*
Custom One Pro seems to be the best option here. Especially if you cannot decide between open and closed headphones.
Update Time!
Thanks to your votes we're speaking with every Audio Technica associated vendor in our network and reaching out to new ones every day.
Among these vendors is obviously Audio-Technica themselves and while they're interested in working with us, the M50x is their newest product so they may be hesitant to list it on Massdrop just as it's being released.
We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available.
How about 2nd, 3rd voted products ?
Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro
Hi there,
At this point, none of our vendors can offer a meaningful price to the Massdrop community for either the HD598 or the Custom One Pro.
We'd love to get them listed, we just don't want to waste your time by letting vendors list products without quantity price breaks.
Still working on those M50Xs, hopefully we'll be able to do something with those soon.
Thanks for the votes!
AKG K545
I really really want a drop for the Bowers & Wilkins P7 around-ear headphones
Why don't the Phillips X1's have more votes!! Of course one of the worse headphones would be number 1.
m50's isn't that comfortable nor do they sound really that good.... i have a set of SRH840 and at the same price range... i like those a lot more nice and crisp and articulate
i have the 840s and 940s... i wouldn't mind the 1540s in my collection lol i would love the k712 pro as well if we get an amazing deal on those
Where are the mods on this one?
If the new m50s get to $99.99 I'm going to cry XD I picked up the regular m50s on the latest drop of them.
no response from the mods yet ?
Come on guys, The ATH M50 isn't so interesting, the coiled cable isnt that good, its not very comfortable...the senn hd598 isnt very nice sounding...a bit boring, not big soundstage... lets try something else :)
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598's are pretty nice, but for around the same price the Sony MA-900's have a larger sound stage and much better bass.
I wish I had known that when I got my 598s. :P
But I did get them for $150 in Canada (retails for $280) so I am fairly happy.
How would the X1s compare to MA-900 and the 598s?