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Now Available!

Thanks to Bastiankofod for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the WASD ABS Full Keycap Set available.

WASD ABS Full Keycap Set

WASD ABS Full Keycap Set

There is a group buy for multiple full ANSI sets (with ISO options available), including a Dolch replica right now on Geekhack. Some people looking for full sets might be interested.
I would love to see a Keycap set go up on Mass Drop, Comeon Will, lets see what you got!
I'd like to see a keyboard that combines the tactile mechanical switches (a la cherry blue, brown) with the low-profile flat chiclet (island) style keycaps.
Look into Cherry ML keyboards. G84-4100.
GUYS, you DO realize SP is already selling dirt cheap DSA PBT caps on their website right? And in several colors and combinations. Less than $40 for an entire set. <br /><br />The massdrop group buy should be for DCS blanks, seeing as how NO ONE has any stock right now.
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What is SP?
Signature Plastics.
Any chance of an ISO set being made as these are really rare so I think there may be a lot of interest.
I have a full set of SP PBTs and they have the same texture as their ABS keys but with the feel and durability of PBT. The Signature Plastics keys would be considerably better in a major way.
What's with all the love for DSA? Aren't they horribly unergonomical and finger straining? [This post is not rhetorical or a vote.]
There is a huge discussion on it on Geek Hack. There are mixed reviews.<br />
I put in my vote for a DSA profile for the Signature Plastics. With large old school typewriter font in the very center of the key. Drool
So update time! Looks like we'll go with WASD for this drop. That said, we can launch another drop for Signature plastic keycaps as early as next week for all the PBT lovers (prefer PBT myself, using KBT's grey caps on our TEX right now) . <br /><br />Since WASD is going up now, the question is, for next week's Signature Plastics buy, should the keys be DSA or DCS profile?
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@r.nienke <br /><br />Very soon : )
@Will - I will do terrible things to get my hands on a nice DSA profile PBT set... looking forward to seeing what you guys can make happen with SP!<br /><br />(that was a vote or ten for DSA btw)
I'm going to add on to this and go for the WASD set so that we can get customization and all that.<br /><br />I would probably still buy a set if we did PBT, but I'd do at least 2 if we did the WASD set.
It's a shame we can't have the best of both worlds with the color customization and PBT plastic, I'm actually torn right now between which I'd prefer but I just can't justify buying normal keycaps since I already own a mechanical keyboard with a full set of keycaps. But thank you Will for making this happen, I've seen you commenting on all things keyboard related, you're very good at what you do, and want to let you know it's greatly appreciated.
@Bigmacdunk <br /><br />Thanks man! This mechanical keyboards niche is really cool and I'm glad you're part of the community. Part of my job is learning about all the cool niches you guys like so thank YOU for joining Massdrop! If it wasn't for polls like this, I'd probably still be using my rubber dome, Microsoft keyboard (vs the TEX that I'm writing this on now).
Does the Signature Plastics option come with nudges for two keys on the home row?
Signature Plastics for me
What's the difference between ABS and PBT plastic? Everyone seems to be preferring the PBT plastic. The color customization from WASD make's it the deal breaker for me though, so I vote for WASD.
@Bigmacdunk PBT has a unique texture to it that a lot of people, including myself, enjoy. PBT also doesn't wear as easily, so it avoids the "shine" on the keycap you get when you use ABS keycaps a lot.
ABS is the type of plastic Lego uses. It wears down quicker, feels cheaper, and is typically thinner. PBT is used by Vortex in their keycaps. It is usually thicker and and feels stronger when typing. I prefer PBT myself, but WASD keys aren't too bad.
WASD for sure. abs feels softer then pbt when typing so its less harsh.. plus... COLORS!!
Alright, we made some calls and we've got a couple options for ya'll. Price is about the same for either, you need to decide on the features. <br /><br />First comes from our friends at WASD:<br /><br />Blank<br />Sculpted (each row has a different angle)<br />ABS Plastic<br />104/105 key option (they're willing to let you choose the 105 key layout instead of 104 key)<br />Choice of Colors! (every buyer can choose their own colors for each key cluster, we'd break it down into qwerty cluster, WASD, delete cluster, arrow keys, num pad, F row, and special keys)<br />Very Short Wait Time! (WASD has committed to fulfill at least 10 set every week, they were really fast last time we worked with them)<br />~10 sets required to reach Max Drop Price<br /><br /><br /><br />The second comes from Signature Plastics:<br /><br />Blank<br />PBT Plastic (except for the space bar, they have to make it out of ABS)<br />One color for the whole set and everyone in the buy (probably black)<br />104 key only (no 105 key option)<br />Sculpted/Flat (depending on what ya'll want we could do DSA or DCS family, leaning DSA right now. Everyone gets the same though, no choice once it's been decided)<br />MINIMUM 4 WEEKS WAIT (these have to be custom made and produced on order by signature plastics. That means waiting for the full production run to go through before they ship out to us)<br />100 sets required to reach Max Drop Price<br /><br /><br />Let me know which you think is better and we'll get one or the other launched right away!
labeled dsa, any color
Labeled black!
Blank white PBT please!
If we vote for the 104 caps, then you TKL'ers can get extra, spare caps for cheap.
Blank DSA in off-white!
I'd LOOOOOVE Blank PBT keycaps in ISO layout
Are these key caps compatible with all the mechanical keyboard out there?
These will work on any mechanical keyboards that use Cherry MX switches (which is almost all but the most expensive ones).
I think blank PBT with a variety of colors available would be the most popular with the community.
Hello Everyone! This poll inst quite at 200 votes yet but we've contacted the necessary manufacturers and pricing information should be coming along shortly. We're thinking blank, black, PBT, DCS or DSA. Not sure which profile to go with, what would you prefer? Keycap buys are REALLY easy to setup so start more polls for different styles and layouts. Once there's some interest demonstrated we can get estimates and have these things running in about a week. Let us know about the profile and we can have this up really quickly!
I'd love blank PBT keycaps.
Any idea if we can get keys with DSA profile?
Hopefully it will be blank PBT keycaps
I curious about this aswell. Hope we'll be able to customize keycap color, and get engraved or laser etched text (would prob cost a little more, +10$ or something like that). There are two ways to find out, either ask (nobdy wanna do that :b) or vote and see how it goes (YEA!).
Kinda curious how this would work. Would we be able to customize the keys or are we limited by one choice? This could come in handy to replace my blank keycaps on my Das keyboard to something with lasered keys.