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Now Available!

Thanks to BurritoJustice for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Granite Keycap Set available.

YanboDrop Buyer

Granite Keycap Set

Granite Keycap Set

I'm curious, what is a rough price to expect for the granite set? And with how many buyers?
Used ones go for $120+extras =/
The Base Set was 32.99 without Modifiers Modifier Keys - $26.99 Pro Modifiers $24.99 RGB Modifiers $15.99 Enter + Escape $6.99 Gamer Kit $17.99 International Keycap Set $35.99 (
I've messaged him, we shall see what happens next!
The Dolch Set disappeared from SP's website just today. What does that mean for that group buy?
Can we finally _please_ have an ISO option? :(
Granite set!!!!
My bad on the incorrect title. I was originally just going to put the DSA blanks, but at the last minute I added dolch as I know it is a favorite and I forgot to drop the PDT from the title. Also wow this really got a lot of attention!
Granite please!
Stop voting for Dolch, it's not PBT and it's already available on their website.
Signature Plastics runs their own group buy website. No chance that Granite or Dolch will be sold through Massdrop
damn, i really want that Granite set!
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MASSDROP REP This poll has huge traction. Matt has agreed to work with you and SP. Please get it in the works.
edit: matt3o is up there! ^ that's him
Hope to see drop next week. Definitely I'm in.
DSA Dolch is not PBT, also it is already up for preorder on SP's website
I can't find the Dolch on SP's website anymore (my bookmark leads to an empty page now) neither the Granite nor the Retro. Is any of these sets available anywhere at the moment?
I heard they're on backorder til Semptember - I'd happily buy this if this get through
Why can't what we are voting for just be different options?