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Red Scarf 8308MINI Keyboard Kit

Red Scarf 8308MINI Keyboard Kit

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Product Description
The Red Scarf 8308MINI Keyboard Kit is an homage to the classic Cherry G81 8308 keyboard, famous for shifting the function key row up a few millimeters. The 8308 MINI brings that style to the modern age with an anodized CNC aluminum case, a 5.5-degree typing angle, and a carbon fiber plate for extra rigidity Read More

I really like the look and the conception of what "this is". I'm tapped out for this "information resource" though. This was on the website once before a long time ago? I need a server mine before I can (at current rate of attrition/collection) justify doing "closer to" $500 builds "too often". A few other problems exist such as: "That's a really interesting set of keycaps, now if only I spoke/read Japanese." (on this site) The "mention" is for economic reasons instead of the "tried&true" "SNIFF test" in feeling out products. That rolls REAL nice for ... uhhhh.... not stepping on ethical constraints but it sure is the most 2 dimensional way of running the show. In any case, this keyboard looks great albeit a "hard consumer" would want (let's say) even more "value for money in" with the accent part. "Do you have titanium or anything machine in liquid nitrogen?" (blah blah) Again. Really like the concept and almost all of the execution. (Street cred would demand preaching from "folk" about VIA/QMK.) I almost want to leave it unedited just for the bait.
Jun 11, 2022
I read this just to be confused af at what I just read 😂
astro16It's to the idea that you would have to be pretty stupid if you think that the people who make the stuff and get the opportunity to put it up on Drop would have (say) "100%" of the time not thought of something themselves that was mentioned or "trolled" by others who are (I guess) insecure. As the opportunity strikes, so to speak. Meaning that the comment on "liquid nitrogen" is to concepts such as the free market. That, if not for that, everyone would be using incredibly badly made objects that cost a fortune. "I don't want the high end <big brand name> keyboard, I want the one from that brand that got 1 out of 5 stars and costs barely anything because I know that's what I enjoy." In this case, it's something like 4 missing F-row keys. Blah blah. "If you did all this, the thing would cost 800 dollars." Job's a job.
Jun 8, 2022
Interesting design, and it fits my use case pretty well. QMK/VIA support is almost a must nowadays unless you're a mass-production brand. The accent piece is definitely reminiscent of the Sonnet, but the raised element leaves me wanting something more functional like an extra-wide programmable OLED display. With some design refinements and added QMK/VIA support, this could work, IMO.
I'm not good at taking pictures, so the real thing will be prettier than my pictures. Some details about the keyboard, the hidden usb port, can be adjusted slightly.

Jun 7, 2022
Needs some kinda dampening poron foam and silicon pads. Otherwise it looks pretty good if it had that I would jump in.
Yaderb11It comes standard with poron foam. Other accessories that are easily damaged, such as USB boards and FPC cables. I have spare parts ready.
Jun 7, 2022
Certain applaud the design ideas. Appears to have a raised F row, which is neat, but missing a third of the F keys, which is not so neat. Maybe it would be fine if the vertical row on the end could also act as those keys by holding Fn or something? Judging by the plate and case in the pics, it appears to be top mount. Not seeing any internal weight or dampening anywhere though. Overall, this listing is missing a lot of key information.
CyphreHello @Cyphre. We are working with the vendor to obtain additional information. The vendor has confirmed that this is top mount.
CyphreIt is the top mount structure. This is because there is a height difference between the F area and the letter area, so it is necessary to use FPC to connect the lights and keys of the two areas, and a complete F area cannot be achieved. After I submitted the sample, I found that it can also change a button in the F area, so I temporarily added a PCB in the F area, and it was standard, without extra charge.
In addition to the space design, another factor about the incomplete F area is derived from one of my keyboards

Jun 7, 2022
I am very confused. Was this someone's failed keyboard design? It looks cool reminds me of the sonnet's mounting system. It seems to not be gasket mounted. Maybe some sort of hamburger style mount? Kind of how socks are. I imagine it should have some flex since it has a daughter board. Would not really make sense to have one if its does not have some sort of flex. The carbon fiber plate makes me think that the flex will be very minimal if at all. Would be nice to get more details on this board. Looks cool, but I imagine without heavy modding this board is not going to sound too well. It's a shame too because drop has boards for less that have more functional features. Besides being critical on the lack of info. It looks cool and I'm sure there is customers for this. I wanted to be interested in this. It caught my attention, but due to the lack of detail and from what seems to be a product that still needs refinement I'm out.

Jun 6, 2022
Sooo, it's a board sized for a full Throw but only comes with a partial. Why? Form over function at the detriment
AtticusVulpesThere is a reason that a PFC interface needs to be placed. A certain space is required, so the entire F area cannot be used. And placing the entire F area will make the entire keyboard look crowded. The missing keys can use the FN function, so the use process is not affected. It already has a lot of keys by comparison.
Jun 6, 2022
No info on mounting style, forced CF plate, no sound tests. Really?
Jun 6, 2022
You guys have Andre the Giant design your mini keyboard? Sheesh
Jun 6, 2022
By the way key count is 77 keys and not 87.
Blur410Hey @Blur410. Thank you for the callout. It is 77 keys. We have made the update.
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