AKKO CS Series Custom Mechanical Switches

AKKO CS Series Custom Mechanical Switches

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Product Description
AKKO’s CS Series are mechanical switches that add reliable performance and satisfying action to your keyboard. Every CS switch goes through a stringent level of quality control to ensure that each one will hit just right, and because every switch is tested to 60 million actuation strokes, you can be sure that that quality will last you for years to come Read More
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Nov 19, 2021
how many switches do I get for $14? 45?
What are the specs of the Lavenders? Seems like it isn't listed with the rest of the options..
Looks like greens are on there twice, both as linear and tactile. I would guess the tactile greens are really supposed to be the purples.
Under the specs it looks like the purples were miss-labeled greens. Matcha Green is listed twice, both as linear and tactile.