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AlohaKB Trailblazer PBT Keycap Set

AlohaKB Trailblazer PBT Keycap Set

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Product Description
If space exploration games like Space Engineers or the soon-to-be-launched Starfield are your thing, the Trailblazer Keycap Set from AlohaKB may just be the perfect finishing touch—or final frontier—for your keyboard. Inspired by these stellar gaming titles, this keycap set is more cockpit than cosmos—complete with clean whites and grays like you’d see on a space shuttle and brilliant iconography like you’d see on an astronaut’s patch Read More

Will post a review of these later. But I wanted to mention that the packaging is almost perfect. It comes in a really nice box that is filled with little half-sized plastic trays where all the keycaps sit. It's really nice. Sadly this packaging doesn't fit all the keycaps and 2 extra shift keys are in ziplock bags stuffed in. The white alphas come in a little box with one of these half-sized trays. I really wish the normal box was made a bit smaller so this tray could fit nicely inside, but you still can do it, it's just the top part of the box won't fit as nicely. If you plan to keep the White Alpha tray in its box said box is a different size in every way from the normal kit. But overall I think I actually like this packaging so much more vs your regular long keycap box, I think this is a lot easier to store and I would actually buy these boxes separately at the right price for other keycap sets I have. Awesome packaging job.
Selecting the White Alphas Kit option displays a picture of both kits combined. Be aware that the White Alphas Kit is an addon, meaning it doesn't include any of the other keycaps. I'm just trying to make sure there is no confusion.

dvorcolI wish I could get just the novelties and color by themselves. Oh well.
Dec 16, 2023
beyerdynamic2cansSame. I have a Domikey Astronaut set which is too similar to this colorway for me to buy it. If all the novelties and color keycaps were sold in a small kit by themselves I'd buy them in an instant.
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