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Aune X2Mk2 Bluetooth Amplifier

Aune X2Mk2 Bluetooth Amplifier

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Product Description
Improve your desktop listening experience with Aune’s X2 Mk2 power amplifier. Capable of driving speakers up to 25W (per channel), this compact amplifier complements any desktop rig with reliable performance and deep dynamic response Read More


  • Inputs: 1 x RCA Line in L/R pure copper gold coated
  • Outputs: Speakers L/R
  • Amplifier: TI TPA3121
  • Output Power: 2 x 30W @ 8ohm
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: (SNR) >88db
  • Efficiency: >90%
  • Frequency Response: 20-20000HZ, +/-0.5dB (8 ohm purely resistive load, 1W-10W)
  • THD Distortion: 0.02% (10W, 8ohm, 1KHz)
  • Power socket: (5.5mm/2.1mm) x 1
  • Face plate: CNC machined aluminum
  • Connectors: High quality Gold Plated RCA
  • Size: 13.5 x 5.1 x 17 cm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg


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Recent Activity
I purchased this amp retail price about a month ago from another vendor. I have owned MANY MANY class D amplifiers and the sleek form factor, bluetooth and price made me quickly snatch this one up as something to listen to in my workplace while the staff hangs around after hours. Boy... Lucked out on this one. Class D or "Chip Amps" as they are referred to often have a few-to-36 hours of playback time before they sound there best. I let the amp play in the warehouse over a 24 hour period. Upon connecting Bluetooth, I noticed a pleasant and familiar sound signature, but wasn't blown away; "I had heard better chip amps" I told myself... The familiar sound struck me; there was something in my head that said "you need to give this thing a proper signal" and so a hooked up my iStreamer DAC (an iPhone/iPad specific DAC, you can google it) and sat down to listen. iPhone6>iStreamer>Audioquest RCAs>Aune X2Mk2 Bluetooth Amplifier>Paradigm Atom V5... WOW, even in a 4000sq/ft warehouse space, imaging was strong, and base was (apropreatly) prodigious. I have yet to take this setup it a typical home listening environment, but now I know why I like the sound of this amp so much: it uses the (now owned by Texas Instruments) TPA, formally known as Tripath, chip-arcetecture. Tripath chips sound so "fun" and "exciting". They are detailed and clear without being fatiguing to the ear. Even compared to a Nuforce Icon V1 (another great desktop amp, don't like the V2), this holds its own. Takeaway: Bluetooth will deliver quality sound if your not a mega audiophile like me. A reasonable quality DAC and your favorite set of speakers and your playing with fire, this will play PLENTY loud with great sound quality for nearly any use. Enjoy!
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