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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones
Tin HiFi T2 IEM
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Punches WAY above it's weight $$ wise
Exceptional detail, imaging and bass. Plain and simple I hear things with these that I do not hear from my ZSX10 Pro, TinT2, TinT3Pro and Tin P1 Planars. They are my daily...I keep trying the others and ALWAYS go back to the BLON 03. Want a negative? The cable it comes with is pretty much trash so I highly recommend replacing that. But to be honest, it's a small price to pay...
Would recommend to a friend.
Loving these
I am a big fan of cheap audio that sounds good. Who wouldn't be? I have a couple of sets of Tin T2s that I like, but they are a bit sterile for my tastes. Lately at work I've mostly been using some Koss KPH-30is, because once again cheap and good-sounding. I like the fact that they actually produce some bass but don't sound terrible when they do it. Got the BLONs....oh wow. These are quite possibly my favorite-sounding things. The bass is way better than I expected, and I was expecting it to be pretty good. Treble is still there, and never shrill with no sibiliance. Probably a bit more emphasis on the bass than people who want a flat response would like, but I enjoy it. Gives good depth to everything without being overwhelming (or sounding terrible). I haven't minded the cables as much as other people seem to. Sure you need two hands to put them in, but I can deal with that. I might try some foam tips a some point. Right now I'm using the largest of the silicone tips that they come with and getting a good seal and good sound, but they start to get a little bit uncomfortable after an hour or so. But every IEM does that for me, so don't judge them harshly by that measure. I can't recommend these highly enough.
Would recommend to a friend.
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Sep 2, 2023
these are fantastic so much so that i bought a pair for my buddy. i will say the linsoul cable is a much better cable than the one it comes with.
Feb 14, 2023
Absolutely blown away by the performance. I have several Hifiman cans ranging up to $600, and these compete with the best that I have. I will say, the clarity and soundstage for music that my best cans do win. However, for $30 these sound amazing. Crystal clear and so much punch to them while also being very smooth sounding. Shipping issues were due to drop, they just have piss poor visibility. Tracking number showed now movement but they showed up. Cable is better than expected, but would highly recommend upgrading to one of quality. Highs - Smooth yet sharp. I am super sensitive to highs and this tends to dictate my acceptance of a speaker, headphone, iem. Zero issues here. Mids - defined, clear, could be better if you are picky. a good EQ can easily fix this. Lows - powerful, punchy, and clear
Dec 9, 2021
One of my iems cracked in half at the seem. Not the durability I was looking for.
May 23, 2022
Oct 31, 2021
Drop took over 5 days to process then another 7 to ship. Hoping the quality makes up for a bad supply chain LOL.
boikeHow much did you end up liking them?
Oct 28, 2021
Where do the headphones ship from?
MihecI believe everyone’s orders are shipped on one pallet to Drop’s US warehouse (New Jersey?), and then individually shipped out to customers from there.
Jun 3, 2021
Stock cable with mic snapped. I was planning on replacing with a better one anyway. What’s the go to? Links?
Jun 4, 2021
BodegaSavantAny 2-pin 0.78mm cables should do. Just make sure you don't spend more on the new cable then you did for the earphone itself.
BodegaSavantI’ve got some friends that are so happy with these that they’ve bought expensive cables and love using it with high end USB dongles (Cayin RU6, Astell & Kern PEE51), but the most recent new member of the BLON cult chose a cable by DUNU.
Jun 3, 2021
My set went through half a laundry wash cycle last week. Grabbed them out when I realized they were in my hoodie pocket. Shook em out and dried them for 2 days they still sound amazing haha.
Jun 3, 2021
What am I missing here? BL-03 is lacking when it comes to the bass. I hooked it up to my Dragonfly Red and NX4 and I was disappointed. Does this IEM need some burn-in? I replaced the tips w/ Dekoni foam tips. Not sure if that has something to do w/ the lack of bass.
Nov 28, 2021
The BQEYZ BQ3, 5 driver, is the best budget IEM that I've heard to date. The BQ3 cable is excellent, the tips not so much. Even with average ear tips, the performance is incredible for the price. Chinese IEMs present the best value and sound. Tips are not such a factor with this particular IEM. Simply amazing. The KC2 four driver is amazing as well, but has less bass presence.
XnightcrawlThe right size and shape tips are essential for bass with in-ear headphones. You really need to experiment to find the right size. Too small and you won’t get a seal (almost like when you’re underwater), too big and you have other problems. I like many of Dekoni’s products, especially the nuggets for headbands, but even the smallest Dekoni Bulletz are too big for me… a little painful to wear, and they actually squeeze themselves out of my ear pretty quickly. Small Comply work better for me. Other people rave praise about the silicone Acoustune AT07 tips and SpinFit tips.
Jun 3, 2021
Anyone prefer the 01's to these? Why?
jahnnhjastop spamming
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