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Jan 15, 2016
just recived mine 1/15/2016 it's shiped international to Turkey/istanbul in very very good condition perfect packing by massdrop i've alrady have a schiit audio magni 2 uber/modi 2 uber so i've used modi 2 uber as a dac to this tube amp first there was an increadble distortion sound was vey bad but that was my bad you need to realy psuh the tube to conect corretly after that i can say this is incradble it's good as magni 2 uber and o2amp ad it's half of the price only bad thing that i can say is there is no high/low gain switch so low if you are gone use this with some 34- 50 ohm headphones be you are warned i've used this amp with sennheiser hd 598- 600-800 run evry one of them for 60 bucks you can't beet this
Jan 15, 2016
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