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CIY Blade 13 Key Keyboard

CIY Blade 13 Key Keyboard

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Product Description
Macro keyboards are lauded for their ability to bring extra functionality to your setup without the need for costly upgrades or extra function layers on your main keyboard. As the name implies, the CIY Blade 13 Key Keyboard goes for the slim, sword-like approach, with a horizontal line of assignable macro keys meant to sit above your keyboard Read More
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Mar 20, 2023
The description mentions driver software. What systems is this driver available for?
Hi, Windows only at this moment, running CIY’s own software.
Mar 20, 2023
This mentions that there are 2 USB-C inputs, with one functioning at a time. Can this switch between the two via a button?
No, you can only plug in one at a time
Mar 20, 2023
"This is great for users with function-key-less keatbords" What is a "keatboard"?
Apr 8, 2023
It's exclusively for writing romantic poetry. It pairs well with the Poe-key the single key macropad used for tapping or gentle rapping.
Mar 22, 2023
Is this a complete keyboard? It doesn't say what type of switches it comes with
Are the LEDs individually addressable during runtime? Like can I change them with OS hooks or calls to the SO? Or do I have to burn a preset pattern (or patterns) to the board?