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CIY Blade 13 Key Keyboard

CIY Blade 13 Key Keyboard

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Product Description
Macro keyboards are lauded for their ability to bring extra functionality to your setup without the need for costly upgrades or extra function layers on your main keyboard. As the name implies, the CIY Blade 13 Key Keyboard goes for the slim, sword-like approach, with a horizontal line of assignable macro keys meant to sit above your keyboard Read More

Just out of curiosity, but why get this when you could have just gotten a 75% or TKL keyboard to begin with? I mean, I think it looks like a cool product, but I think the marketing is a bit off. I'd market it towards people who actually appreciate keys, like people who aren't satisfied with the number of keys they have on their full-sized KB, or people who want to drop the numpad from the right side of the keyboard and instead add another row to the top of a TKL. And since TKL and 104-key KBs tend not to have rotary knobs, that adds another marketing bullet-point in favor of adding this to a keyboard that wasn't created so broken that you had to add another keyboard to it to make it useful. Yeah, I think I let some of my disdain for chopped keyboards bleed through a tiny bit, but I do like the idea of this product. As has already been said, it would be much more tempting if it was QMK/VIA compatible, but I haven't looked into how useful the firmware/programming software is. It might be fine, but it would take an annoying bit of research to find out, while being compatible with already established firmware/software would immediately tell me it was worthwhile (and it would also have lowered the amount of time required to come up with whatever proprietary code this thing is using instead).
Mar 26, 2023
Hmm. A price inversely proportional to the number of keys provided? Sign me up!
Mar 21, 2023
If this was QMK/VIAL compatible it would be an instant buy for me.
for this price it'd need to be QMK/VIA compatible.
Mar 20, 2023
Love the idea of it, just not the price. Kind of hope Keychron starts making even more wacky layouts that overlap the keebmonkey (or whomever) designs.
Mar 20, 2023
It’s cool, and I can see the purpose of it sitting at the top of your desk for macros, but for the price I don’t see why you wouldn’t just buy an Elgato stream deck.
Mar 22, 2023
Firstly even a v2 stream deck is only $150 brand new. Second, how much do switches really matter for a macro pad you’re using once maybe every 10-30 minutes. Third, is a rotary dial really that important? Last, “slim form” doesn’t mean it takes up less desk space. This is 13 keys and a dial that sit horizontally on a desk while a stream deck can be angled on the included stand to take up far less space. I said I see the purpose if you want a look, but functionally it doesn’t serve more purpose
Mar 22, 2023
KolMan2000Fifth, (and most important) they are normally used for two completely different applications. This is why u wrongly assume macro keys are only used ‘maybe every 10-30 minutes’ with this keyboard. 7th, ‘do switches really matter…’ yes they do when using as designed (a keyboard extension). 8th, ‘is a rotary dial really that important?’…100%, yes it is. So, It might surprise you to learn people are buying these for their actual use case not just for selecting between YouTube & twitch apps.
Mar 20, 2023
this is VERY cool!!
the dimensions were included from the start! thank you to whoever wrote the content for this one and including that important part thats so often missing.
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