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Aug 22, 2017
These may not be for the typical headphone buyer on Massdrop, who would indeed be looking for something more "audiophile".
My ANC headphones are Sennheiser PXC-550, which I find for myself to be better sounding, better featured and more comfortable than the ubquitous Bose QC 35.
Never the less, I was pissed off at myself for having spend so much on ANC/BT headphones, so decided to try these E7's on a whim. I ordered then direct from Cowin via Ali Express.
They are not as bad as you would think. Feature wise, they give you more than you pay for,
My first pair had an issue, in that when I adjusted the headphones while wearing them and ANC on, I would get a clicking sound from the speakers. I emailed with Cowin back and forth a few times, and they sent me a replacement pair, which did not have the issue. The downside is that the replacement pair's pads, were not made of the same quality pleather. The original paid I would say were very comfortable, albeit a bit heavy and do bounce a bit if you are walking with them. I primarily used them for subway commutes to work.
Truth be told, had I bought the E7's ahead of the Sennheiser's, I'd like have stuck with them specifically for the reason I initially looked into ANC. For airplane travel. I think these are find airplane ANC headphones, and for watching a movie or listening to music on board, are just fine. They do the job well enough, that you should be satisfied with the purchase.
They are what they are, and at the price you can usually get them on Amazon and such, are good value for money.
Did they replace my PXC 550's. No.
Aug 22, 2017
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