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CEntrance DACport LX USB DAC

CEntrance DACport LX USB DAC

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Nov 19, 2017
When this drop active again? I need one!
Mar 5, 2014
I have been in the market getting lx for my HD650, it's a steal with the current price. Now I just need to wait for a drop on crack.
Feb 3, 2014
I would be interested in getting this if there was another drop too. Please bring this back Massdrop!
Jan 3, 2014
You know, I have changed my mind on this one after recent research. Apparently the LX has the same headphone amp as the regular Dacport, except -3 gain compared to the Dacport.
So it would mean that it can function as a dac/amp, except the volume control has to be at the OS/software level and you lose some volume.
I know some people would be like "oh no, you can't use software volume, you lose bits and it degrade sound!" However the alternative is worse because the volume pot they use on the Dacport audibly degrade sound vs the LX, so compare theoretical bits vs audible signal degradation I'd say losing that pot is a net gain.
Apparently it can still make the HD650 plenty loud at about 70% volume, so unless you want to use this to directly power planar magnetic/orthos like the HE-500/LCD2/3 - which the original Dacport arguably can't power adequately anyways, then the LX is actually a better dac/amp than the Dacport itself.
Weird huh? Turns out the DAC-only version of the Dacport is a better amp than the Dacport.
Losing the low quality pot also means you don't get channel imbalance when using IEMs, very nice!
If there's another drop on this I might just jump in.
Dec 13, 2013
So sad I missed it. Didn't know about the massdrop back then.
All right you fourteen commiters, how about we change over to buy so we can at least get this for 169.95. Still a great price for a good dac.
Nov 8, 2013
dillon.mendenhallNot interested in this myself, but I have frequently thought that it would be nice if Massdrop gave us the option to commit at something other than the lowest price.
Nov 7, 2013
such a shame that It'll probably won't reach the lowest price point
Nov 7, 2013
I wish we could commit to any price level we choose, I think if it can at least get to 160 it would be an unavoidable deal for me...
Nov 5, 2013
What the Dacports do is sound very musical to me with just a touch more roundness and sound stage width that most other 'very good' Dacs in similar categories. There's something special about these in my opnion. Committed to one if they can get to the $140 range. This is a ripping amazing price!
Nov 5, 2013
Why arent these selling? The price on this compared to Amazon or anywhere else is absolutely incredible. People also say this is an extremely good DAC, so I don't get why it isnt doing well.
Is there something I don't know? Why isn't this a huge success? I need a DAC but I'm hesitant.
I think this is still a great DAC to get. I've seen the LX compared to the HRT Musicstreamer II+ and they were considered to be on the same level. Different but both good. I've heard of people happily using the LX with $2000+ amps and $1000+ headphones. There are some seriously good DACs available around this price range and the LX is one of them. At this price I think it would be a great compliment to the T1s.
Nov 5, 2013
Don't get me wrong, all that means is at 2013 they're *one of* the great DACs at the $250-ish price point, just not *the* great DAC at the $250 price point back then. So almost half off is amazing for a great piece of gear.
Still, from the way things look getting this at $140 is unlikely at this point.
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