Diplomat Moderns Magnum SoftTouch Fountain Pen
Diplomat Moderns Magnum SoftTouch Fountain Pen
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Product Description
Diplomat’s Magnum SoftTouch fountain pen features a lightweight, plastic barrel that makes it ideal for everyday use. But don’t be fooled: This German-made writing instrument performs up to Diplomat’s high standards Read More
Everyday, German-Made Fountain Pen

Diplomat’s Magnum SoftTouch fountain pen features a lightweight, plastic barrel that makes it ideal for everyday use. But don’t be fooled: This German-made writing instrument performs up to Diplomat’s high standards. For starters, the plastic features a soft matte texture (hence the SoftTouch name) that offers excellent grip in conjunction with the multi-faceted design of the section. And the company’s proprietary stainless steel nib—available in fine, medium, and broad—delivers a surprising amount of line variation.

Note: At checkout, you can select the body color of your choice (Black, Blue, Grey, Red, or White) as well as nib size (Fine, Medium, or Broad). You can also add a converter (+ $5), and a matching ballpoint pen (+ $15).

Additional Design & Matching Ballpoint

This cartridge/converter pen also features a window near the front of the barrel that provides a peek at the pen’s ink level. For convenient transportation, the snap-closure cap—which posts—is fitted with a wide pocket clip bearing the Diplomat name. The matching ballpoint is also fitted with a pocket clip. Featuring a top-knock mechanism, it accepts Parker-style refills and comes in the same colors as the fountain pen.

About Diplomat

Driven by the belief that handwritten communication helps people develop meaningful personal and business relationships, German pen maker Diplomat has employed traditional methods to develop and create writing instruments since 1922. The pens reflect the company’s philosophy of facilitating more frequent and open communication by offering comfortable, durable, smooth-writing pens that people will carry and use daily.

Body Colors
Optional Matching Ballpoint
  • Diplomat
  • Made in Germany
  • Standard cartridge or converter
  • Body: Plastic
  • Nib: Stainless steel
  • Pocket clip: Stainless steel
  • Diameter: 0.3 in (0.8 cm)
  • Length, capped: 5.3 in (13.4 cm)
  • Length, uncapped: 4.9 in (12.4 cm)
  • Weight: 0.7 oz (20 g)
  • Plastic gift box
  • Blue ink cartridge

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Recent Activity
Okay, I've been using this pen the month or so and thought I'd leave a review on what my findings have been thus far. When I say thus far, I'm not sure if I'll be continuing to use the fountain pen as I have been really disappointed with it. I just read from another review that people really enjoyed it, but as for me having several entry level fountain pens (Pilot Metro & Lamy Safari) this one has been really disappointing. The plastic feels cheap and it creaks and strains on the threads and the weight is super lightweight that feels cheap. When holding the pen the two pieces will flex on each other unless you really bare down on the threads to the point of wondering if you're going to strip them. Even after doing those said actions I still felt like the pen felt really cheap. Yes, I do understand it is inexpensive and I have another higher end Diplomat fountain pen and this one was just surprisingly bad. The nib worked fine, although it is what it is and you get what get as far as the nib. When posting the cap the lack of quality just seems to build on itself as the posting will mar the top of the pen where the cap rests. I would say that the overall experience has been poor and unsatisfactory. I won't even go into the ballpoint pen that came with this drop as a package deal. It was beyond horrid and I'd rather use a full chewed, half-dried saliva G2 pen that has been chewed on by some orally fixated tween with questionable hygiene than this pen. It wasn't even suitable to give to my daughter for her to use and inevitably lose in her daily activities in elementary school. Sorry for the tirade, end rant.
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