Drop + Alpha Industries Godspeed Flight Jacket
Drop + Alpha Industries Godspeed Flight Jacket
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Product Description
Based on MiTo’s NASA-Inspired Godspeed keycap set, these Alpha Industries jackets pair premium fabric with a Drop-exclusive look that honors the Apollo 11 lunar launch. Get yours in Apollo Blue or Replica Navy.

Drop Studio
Jun 18, 2020
The Drop + Alpha Industries Godspeed Flight Jacket is a fun, elevated product, and a nod to space exploration and our Mech Keys Community. With MiTo designing four custom Velcro patches, the flavor is all Godspeed. This allows you to mix and match any way you like. It's a legitimate flight jacket with elevated touches, such as softer predominantly peached cotton fabric and a double zipper with authentic replica details—down to the same contrasting zipper tape as the Gemini jacket worn by James Lovell of the Apollo 11 crew. Also, if you feel like a cleaner look, the patches are completely removable and the Velcro is “dyed to match,” so the Jacket can be worn without any messaging at all.
Jan 2, 2021
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Jan 3, 2021
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Marketing Team
Sep 17, 2020
Hi everyone,  Wanted to give you all a heads up that we’re tracking a couple weeks behind on production for the Godspeed Flight Jackets and we now expect they’ll ship closer to the end of October.  If you decide you’d prefer not to wait the additional time, this run is open for cancellations via your Transactions page (drop.com/transactions).  We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience as we get this project across the finish line.  
Shipping should begin in the next few days. 10/28 UPDATE: The flight jackets arrived at the warehouse today and will begin shipping by end-of-week. Enjoy, everyone!
Oct 30, 2020
Thank you!!!
Dec 16, 2020
Hey, curious to know what the inside materials color is?
Nov 12, 2020
Comment hidden
Nov 9, 2020
The only caveat I'll give is that these are comically short in the torso. Absolutely ridiculously short. I'm 6'3 and a medium, but this felt like a freaking belly shirt on me. It was even too short on my wife, who's 5'10.
Nov 7, 2020
Do you have a S or M size for the Apollo blue model ?
Nov 7, 2020
Hello, when do we choose the size?
Any chance of you guys ever making a 100% cotton Apollo Blue L jacket? Cuz I'll be glad to put money down for that.
Nov 7, 2020
Maaan the ones I was interested are already sold out in my size. If the blue or orange get restocked in S then I'll buy one.
Nov 6, 2020
Wow, 5 months later and this jacket hasn't hit the threshold? Color me shocked.
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